Notes and Scribbles

As I'm sure most of you know, the book has finally come out, and I've been making a few appearances here and there. I've posted these links on Facebook, but I realize that not all of you read the feed over there, so I thought you'd might like take a look:

An essay on the e-books and the experience of books and reading from The Wall Street Journal's 'Speakeasy' blog:

'The Weirdest Things Found Inside Books' from The Huffington Post:

A short profile of me and the business:

For reading this far, here's a treat:


From her daughter, who knows her fondness for "child rhymes."
Christmas, '98

From "Riley Child-Rhymes: With Hoosier Pictures" by James Whitcomb Riley. Published by Bowen-Merrill, 1898.


  1. ...but what are Hoosier pictures?

  2. I believe it's just a style of drawing.

  3. Hoosiers are residents of Indiana, the birthplace of James Whitcomb Riley. Just found your blog and I love it. I started from current posts, and here I am so far!