Get Well Soon - I Can't Take These Puns Any Longer

Get-well card:

Make it a RULE to get better quick!


And then - with full " MEASURE" of renewed health -

Stay UP and A-FOOT!

L + G (C?)

Found in "Brer Rabbit Again" by Enid Blyton. Published by Dean and Son, 1963.

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  1. Looks like the scan of the book cover didn't make it online...

  2. Thanks Lady D - my Sunday brain isn't on yet.

  3. The card is adorable, although if the ruler is accurate, the kittens are only about 3.5 inches long.

  4. My grandmother used to send cards like these -- in the 1960s.
    Oh my.

  5. That's a classic and a keeper! Book AND bookmark. They are married. AND one other question - DO you sell the book AND the bookmark? Ever? Or are they all keepers?

  6. Mr. C - someone asked the same thing on Facebook. I usually just keep them, I never know if I'll need them again. I tend to give a lot away, I suppose... but I don't think I've ever sold one.