Mean Mr. Mustache

Letter, no date or envelope:

Dear Barbara -

Thanks so much for a lovely weekend. We love your place - it's truly charming. That brook is really extraordinary. If I lived there I think I'd spend most of the day sitting on the deck, reading and listening to the brook. Pretty soon my house would probably fall around me. Sometimes I think our Adam-and-Even type ancestors had the right idea in not encumbering themselves with houses and just living in tents or reasonable facsimiles  Buddy says I'd live in a tent (or reasonable facsimile) for 24 hours or until the first big rain - whichever came first, and he's probably right. Please tell Rolf that we're sorry we didn't say goodbye to him. We thought he'd enjoy the sleep more than the goodbye, so we figured we'd say it by mail. He's very nice isn't he.
The trip home from Woodstock bordered on the fantastic. We left for S.I. right after we said goodbye to you and pulled up to our house sometime after 12:30. I didn't look at my watch after 12:30. I won't bore you with the details since I'm sure Judy will tell you all about it when she gets to Cooperstown. She and Lefty followed us all the way.

I'm reading "The Hobbit" to the kids. They're delighted with it. I read a chapter or two after breakfast. Then I'm usually hoarse for the rest of the morning. Steven must really dig Gandalf. He did him in oils on Wednesday. I had no idea that it was written over 25 years ago. Do you remember the dwarf's (dwaves?) folksong on page 24. (maybe it's a different page in paperback). It's pretty good. I'm amazed that some folk group hasn't put it to music and cut a record of it; especially in view of the hobbit craze - or maybe they have and I just haven't heard it.

Must stop now. The guys are due home soon and I want to get my hair washed before they arrive. It's Saturday and the left for Forsgate before 6 this morning to play golf. (they guys being Buddy, Lefty and Eddie). There are some things I'd get up before 6:00 for, but golf isn't one of the them. Anyway - we'd really like it if you'd come and visit in the Fall. Think it over and then please come. Regards to Rolf and Joan and Mike.

Much love to you and Mr. Mustache -


Found in "The Hobbit" by J.R.R. Tolkien. Published by Ballantine Books, 1974.

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  1. i love discovering and reading letters such as this one lol :)
    love letter are even better ;)

  2. How wonderful! Someone could write a novel based on that letter.

  3. b/c of the comment about how long ago "The Hobbit" was written, the letter has to have been written during the 1960s or 1970s. I have at least narrowed it down haha. :o)

  4. To: TheUnSoccerMom

    Good guess! and good math skills.

    I'm going to guess that the letter was probably written sometime after 1974 because of the publication date of the edition of the Hobbit in which it was found, but, yes, an older letter could be found in a newer book, so it's possible I could be wrong.

  5. Fantastic idea for a blog.

    I enjoy finding "treasures' in old books.