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July 12

Found in "Power Play" by Joesph Finder, published by St. Martin's, 2007.

Note: SUCO is the local SUNY school here in Oneonta. I sort of remember that he was going to be in town, but I couldn't tell you the year. Google was no help.

The Throne

Black and white photo, two inches by three inches. There was some writing on the back, but it has been smudged beyond recognition.

Found in "The Throne of Saturn" by S. Fowler Wright. Published by Arkham House, 1949.

Yin and Yang

Keycard for the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Stockbridge, MA.

Found in "Ball Peen Hammer" by Adam Rapp, artwork by George O'Connor. Published by First Second, 2009.

The Man's Best Friend

Black and white photo postcard, no writing on reverse.

Found in "George Eliot's Life" by J.W. Cross. Published by Harper and Brothers, 1885.

Sing Through Me Muse

Napkin drawings.

Found in "The Odyssey" by Homer, translated by Robert Fagles. Published by Penguin, 1996.

Someone's Got The Munchies

Invoice for one box of Baby Ruths and one box of Butterfingers, dated February 21, 1934, from J.O. & G.N. Rowe, Inc., to MA Ross.

Found in "The Quarterly Illustrator, Vol. 1 No.4" published in 1893.

Ed: The Ross Market was a well-known local grocery for many years here in Oneonta.


Black and white photo of a family at Donner Summit.
No dates or writing.

Found in "English Country Houses" by V. Sackville West. Published by Collins, London, 1947.

There Once Was A Girl From Nantucket

Mimeographed copy of a Nantucket property map, dated June 1st, 1927.

Found folded in "The Croquet Player" by H.G. Wells. Published by Viking, 1937.

For fun, I lined up the map with a current street map from Google:

Suffragette City

Postcard featuring The US Hotel, Saratoga Springs, NY.
Postmarked May 25 1916 (I think), Blue Mountain NY.

We have attended General Conference for two days and are going back Thursday.
Monday night we heard Wm. J. Bryan speak on Suffrage. Tues. I met Frank L. Brown of N.Y. and had a visit with him. He is on the same comm. with W.D. Southworth.

Mrs. H.L. Baker.
Found in "Richelieu - A Tale of France" by G.P.R. James. Published by Dent/Dutton, 1911.

Please Do Not Disturb

"Do Not Disturb" sign from the Hotel Astor.

Found in "Not Now But Now" by M.F.K. Fisher. Published by The Viking Press, 1947.

Christmas Cheer

Today's post was submitted by FB reader Chris.


The News
New York Picture Newspaper
Chaplins clever comedy
completes(?) Christmas cheer
Found in "Audel's Carpenters and Builders Guide #4" published in 1923.

Thanks Chris!


Decorative decal, copyright 1968 by Jacob and Jane Zook, who seem to know what they're talking about.

Found in "Forms of Paper" by Hiroshi Ogawa. Published by Van Nostrand, 1971.

Dr. Octagon Would Be Pleased

Pressed blue flower.

Found in "The Book of Psalms In Metre" published by United Presbyterian Board of Publication, Pittsburgh, circa 1860.


Photograph, written on reverse:

50th wedding anniversary
July 5 1991

Found in "Eleven Karens" by Peter Lefcourt. Published by Simon & Schuster, 1991.

Experiment Update

Here's an update regarding this post.

The gentlemen finally came in to pick up his cash. He wasn't sure about the photo, but indicated that it's most likely from Geneseo NY, where the books were kept for many years. An uncle in the family passed away, and he was clearing out the house when he came across these books.

Chicken Club

Samurai playing card, the six of clubs.

Found in "The Chicken Devil Mystery" by John Bechtel. Published by Eerdmans, 1944.

The Russians

Stereoscopic photograph:

108. Russian Officers (Dis) cussing the War News, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Found in "English Diction for Singers and Speakers" by Louis Arthur Russell. Published by the Oliver Ditson Company, 1905.

An Experiment

Here's the set up: bought a load of books this morning, a gentlemen had dropped them off yesterday when I wasn't in the store. Looked through them, gave him a call with an offer, he said yes and that he'd be down later on to pick up the cash.

As I was looking through, I found this in one of the books:

The bookmarks are a small photo of a man and boy with the label "Chic" as well as a agreement card from a bank regarding a Second Liberty Loan, which I discovered were developed around 1920 or so, according to The New York Times.

The book is "Bringing in Sheaves" by A.B. Earle, published by James H. Earle, Boston, 1869.

When the gentlemen comes in later, I'll see if he can fill in any details about today's find, and see if he'd like them back. I'll update later on today.

From The Library of Paul Bunyan

Or Norm Abrams, if you like. This one comes from a FB reader who is a librarian.

...just this week I experienced the horror of the 6" circular saw blade bookmark inside "Inside Every Woman"

John the librarian also sends along this beauty, which I find fascinating: