Junior Prom

Stamford Central School

Junior Prom

Stamford Junior Prom
Faraway Places
May 8, 1964

Photo by Norman
Grand Gorge, N.Y.

Found in 'Dawn of a New Era; Milestones of History' Newsweek Books, 1974

Just Horning In

Just "HORNING" in to ask you to be my VALENTINE!

Found in 'Fun in the Firehouse' by Nila O'Hearn, Jolly Books, 1953

Mt. Washington Aug 1938

On reverse: Mt. Washington Aug. 1938

Found in 'Travelers Abroad' by Elizabeth Putnam, Editor Publishing Co. 1900

Satisfactorily passed

State of New York Education Department
County of Chenango
This is to certify that Ruth Duroe a pupil in District 9, Town of New Berlin, has satisfactorily passed the examination for the Second Term of the Seventh Grade, based on the State Elementary Course of Study for the Public Schools, and is qualified to pursue the course prescribed for the following term,
Mrs. Grace Tyler, Teacher
EE Poole, School Commissioner

Dated, June 27, 1904

Found in Volume II of The Works of Edgar Allan Poe, Raven Edition