Long Receipt Is Long

Grocery store receipt, dated December 21st, 1986. It was too long to post here, but if you want to see the full version, click here or the image above. That's a lot of cat food!

Found in "Sea of Death" by Gary Gygax. Published by Ace, 1987.
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  1. Looking at that makes me want the prices we had back in the 80's...how sad is that...

  2. This made me giggle a lot. You see, I'm an old-timer gamer, and I have eight cats. Seeing this receipt brought back a lot of memories for me.

    It's not MY receipt, I promise! I was still in high school at this time. Let me just say, however, that my receipts from the late 90s/early Zeroes looked VERY similar. LOL!

    Too funny!

  3. I just want those prices!!! gosh... 1.09 for bread. :o)

  4. Oh my!! That is a lot of cat food. I hope it was just on sale... O.O