Tea Cake

Recipe for Tea Cake:

2 eggs - then add
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup shortening

-cream together

4 tbl molasses
1 teasp each of cinnamon and cloves
2 cups flour

-mix together thouroughly then add cup of boiling water
1 teasp soda

Bake 35 minutes

Found in "Jackie Ethel Joan: Women of Camelot" by J. Randy Taraborrelli. Published by Warner Books, 2000.

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Their Sunday Best

Photo, no date or writing.

Found in "Pony Specimen Book: Standard Line Type" published by Inland Type Foundry, St. Louis, 1907.

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I'll be back on Friday with the usual fare, so I hope everyone has a terrific holiday.

Thanks to all of you for sharing this place with me. Here's a little gift, some Thanksgiving postcards I have come across over the years. Don't eat too much!

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Horse Blankets

Reciept from William C. Tout, seller of horse blankets, lap robes, saddlery, etc. (I think Mr. C will like this one)

No date, but after 1900.

Found in "Man The Unknown" by Alexis Carrel. Published by Harper and Brothers, 1935.

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Giveaway Winner

Today's winner was Adrian (from Albuquerque)

I'll try and contact you, but it's always easier if you email me first:



Giveaway For the Noobs (Contest Closed)

Forgotten Bookmarks received a ton of traffic over the weekend (Thanks, Tumblr!) so I thought I'd welcome all the new readers in style, with a giveaway:

Six books (the darker one is Baudelaire) up for grabs.

Comment to enter, I'll pick a winner at random today at 3:00 PM EST (about 4 hours)

The contest is open to anyone, anywhere. Enter at will.

Good luck!

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Mrs. Wood

 Photo postcard, no postmark or message.

Written on reverse:

Mrs. Wood - Fanny (Frances)

Florence Mott's Mother

Found in "In A Day's Work" by Daniel Berkeley Updike. Published by Harvard University Press, 1924.
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Contest update

Today's giveaway winner was Lauren, who entered on Facebook.

Thanks to all who entered! Keep an eye out for the next one.

Birthday Giveaway

Today's my birthday, but the gifts are yours. Giving away this matched set of books:

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Comment here to enter - I will pick a winner at random today at 3:00 PM EST (about four hours)

Good luck!

Intimate Friend

Letter and envelope:

Jan 30th 1882

Dear Jennie

Are you going to get married, you my dearest friend? Who will I have to come to when I come home! You won't be my most intimate friend then still you might be if you wished but any body always changes when they are married. Oh Jennie you young girl to get married. Still I don't blame you every body's getting married so it makes me want to I might begin to look around for a husband. Can't you send me one?

Oh I should like to come up to the wedding if I possibly can but I am afraid it will be impossible for me to come but I will come if I possibly can come I wouldn't miss it for anything can't you come down here on your wedding tour we will try and make it as comfortable as we can on the boat and show you all over New York.

What are you going to be married in (don't think me to inquisitive you know me). Oh to be married. Just think of the first night. Oh Jennie do write and tell me about the coming wedding right away.

(written upside down)

Jennie I am none the worse for coming down here for I don't go to any dances or parties ??? I have had invitations though.

(other page)

Ma?? says she shouldn't wonder that I can come up but if I come up I have got ?? up there and do to school and I don't want to begin school up there.


I just received your letter to night and wasin this please write me all about the coming event. Oh naughty girl that you didn't tell me before. I can't be your best intimate friend still I have never wronged you
Found in "Sabbath Poems or Holy Day Recreations" by Robert Rochfort. Published by Charles Daly, no date.

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Little One

 Christmas card:



Merry Christmas
Happy New Year

From little one (Ella Mae)

Found in "Hop on Pop" by Dr. Seuss. Published by Beginner Books (Random House) 1991.

I don't really get the card.

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Envelope from Fleet Photo:


We have selected one of your pictures as being among the fifty most interesting snapshots coming into our plant today, which entitles you to our special enlargement offer. Place the negative belonging to the enclosed snapshot in this envelope. Return it to your Fleet Photo dealer, and you will receive a


on a fine studio easel mount for only 49c ...regular price 65c

Thru this dealer FLEET PHOTO - Master Photo Finishers

Found in "The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club" by Charles Dickens, published by MacRae Smith.

Not a bad sales gimmick.

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Giveaway Winner

Winner of the pile of mysteries was Amy Campbell - who entered right here (you must have "goof" luck today)

Email me to arrange shipping: fb@forgottenbookmarks.com. If I don't hear from you today, I'll try and track you down.


Giveaway: Big Stack of Mysteries

After yesterday's excitement, I thought I would get back to normal around here. Giving away all of these mystery titles. Comment here to enter, I'll be picking a winner at random today at 2:00 PM (about 3 hours).

Giveaway is open to all, goof luck.

ED: heh, good luck.
OK, back with a winner in a second.

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Big News

Big news. I am thrilled to tell you that you can expect a Forgotten Bookmarks book by this time next year. It will be published by Perigee Books, and I couldn't have done it without my agent Kate McKean (http://twitter.com/kate_mckean) and my new editor Maria Gagliano (http://twitter.com/mariagagliano)

And of course, I ...wouldn't have been able to do it without all of you readers. Thank you.


Business card for Eagle Marone Photography, 45 W. 52nd St, New York.

Written on front:
Phil Pegler
MU 8-42-40

On reverse:
SA 2 3700
Mr. Sahlins

Hi Hon -
NY Dress Inst,
1450 Broadway
Found in "The Sun Also Rises" by Ernest Hemingway. Published by The Modern Library.

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Be Right Back

 Note on stationery from the Commonwealth Car Company, New Haven, CT:



Found in "The Works of Edgar Allan Poe" published by Collier, 1927.

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Found in "Two of a Kind #2: How to Flunk Your First Date" adapted by Megan Stine. Published by Parachute Press/HarperEntertainment, 1999.

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They Say It's Your Birthday

 Came across a bunch of stuff in this one, mostly notes on birth and death days.

Found in "The Shakespeare Birthday Book" published by E. Nister, London. No date, circa 1890.

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Rocky Bucks

Homemade money: five thousand in John or Jane Doe Dough and ten thousand in Rocky Bucks.

Found in "A Vietnam Experience: Ten Years of Reflection" by James B. Stockdale. Published by Hoover Press, 1984.

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Nick Marco And The Venetians

 Advertisement for "Nick Marco and The Venetians" and their single "Little Boy Lost."

It was The Cash Box's Pick of the Week:

The Dwain folks could have the big one they've been looking for in this slice that debuts the attention-getting vocal talents of Nick Marco & The Venetians. Tune, tabbed "Little Boy Lost," is an extremely pretty broken romancer set to a soft rock-a-cha cha beat. Intriguing instrumental backdrop rounds out this winner. Companion piece is a lovely beat-ballad affair (with mid-deck recitation) that falls easily-on-the-ears.

Found in "West Coast Cook Book" by Helen Brown. Published by Cookbook Collectors Library, 1952.

I did a bit of searching online to see what I could find. Here are a few more pictures from whitedoowopcollector.blogspot.com:

And here they are, ladies and gentlemen, Nick Marco and the fabulous Venetians:

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Watch For The Cup

Advertisement for Knapp's Good Food of Garberville, California.

Found in "Old English Ballads" by Francis Gummere. Published by Ginn and Co., 1899.

Here's a picture I found of Knapps online:

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 Four color photos of various Buddhist artifacts (I think).

Found in "Hunting Unicorns" by Bella Pollen. Published by Grove Press, 2005.

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