Friday giveway - three winners

"Stories by American Authors" winner was Kels H., who entered here on the website.

 "Stories by Foreign Authors: winner was Karen (this Karen, there were a couple), who entered here on the website.

 Finally, winner of the dictionaries and language books was Wyndy Youngblood, who entered on Facebook (best name ever?)

 Thanks to everyone for entering!

I will try and get in touch with all three of you, but please email me at when you read this.

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  1. I was in the process of cleaning up the studio table. One of four. I had opened your package, taken the books out, and leafed through each. Of course I went straight for The Real Mother Goose. The others - well, I wasn't very observant when leafing, because this AM I opened the cover of The Arabian Nights, and there were four (4) bookmarks. Thank You. My plan? Invade the local Antiquarian bookstore, and place them in specific books. We'll see what happens...