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Meet Me At The Gladstone

I am going to resist the urge to embellish this delicious find and will stick to the classic formula. Feel free to let your imaginations run wild.

One key, tied to a string. Found in a sealed envelope from the Gladstone Hotel in New York City.

The Gladstone was well-known apartment hotel off Park Avenue, home to Marilyn Monroe, Gloria Swanson, Marlene Dietrich, Carson McCullers and others.

Found in "Dr. Priestley Investigates" by John Rhode. Published by Dodd and Mead, 1930.

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Now That's How You Sign A Book

Check out this lovely inscription from author/illustrator Leo Politi, dated May 1960.

The book is "The Mission Bell" by Politi, published by Scribners, 1953.

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Ticket stub for the 3:40 PM showing of "Dark Knight" from July 20th, 2008.

Found in "Haunted" by Chuck Palahniuk. Published by Anchor Books, 2006.

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Posing Baby, Hidden Parent

I was just reading a story the other day about mothers and fathers hiding under blankets to hold their child while they pose for photographs when I came across this one:

I think there could be someone under there...

Found in "My Opinions and Betsey Bobbet's" by Josiah Allen's Wife. Published by American Publishing, 1872.

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Somebody Likes Kitties

Here's your cat fix for the day, two Polaroids and three clippings.

Found in "Know Your Serger" by Naomi Baker and Tammy Young. Published by Chilton, 1992.

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Rose Petal Sandwiches

Haven't had an inscription or a bookplate here in a while, consider this two for one.

To Mildred, my dearest
Who just told me of rose petal sandwiches - and of many other wonderful things.
Ever her loving
Toto (?)

The book is "Culinary Herbs and Condiments" by M. Grieve. Published by Harcourt, Brace, 1934

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Unfailing Loyalty

Interesting piece of history, note inducting Mary L. Ingersoll into the Daughters of the American Revolution, date 1898:

The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution

This certifies that Mrs. Mary L. Ingersoll as a regularly approved member of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, in connection with the Gen. Nicholas Herkimer Chapter having been admitted by the National Board of management by virtue (??) of her descent from John Cleveland, who with unfailing loyalty rendered aid material aid to the cause of American Independence as an Ensign during the Revolutionary War.

Given under our hands and the seal of the National Society this Seventeenth day of February 1898 - Letitia Green Stevenson Pres., Charlotte Emerson, main Rec., Sec. General, Fillie (??) Tyson Talphin, Registrar General -

Admitted Nov. 4, 1897

(text turns upside-down)

Breast of Roast Turkey
Florida Oranges
Charlotte ???

Found in "International Library of Technology: Gasoline Automobiles" published by the International Textbook Company, 1924.

Reader Andrea from The Netherlands emailed me this bit of information -

Hi Michael,

Interesting find!The name is Jillie Tyson Taplin, see and mrs Mary L. Ingersoll has descendants: her son Fred had two sons, of which Allen had a son Aldon, who according to this obituary, also has a sister Janice (still alive). And Aldon has a daughter, Cheryl., that's all I could find but I had a loverly hour on the internet with this search!Kind regards from Andrea - the Netherlands.

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Meet The Family

Collection of photographs, no date or writing on any of them.

Found in "Three Guardians of Supernatural Religion" by Rev. Morgan Dix. Published by E.S. Gorham, 1901.

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Know All Men By These Presents

Contract, circa 1804 or so, between Stephen Leggett (Dutchess County, NY) and Tallman Pugsley (Westchester County, NY).

Found in "The Farmer's Boy: A Rural Poem" by Robert Bloomfield. Published by James Swan, 1802.

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Small trimmed illustration.

Found in "Peg Woffington" by Charles Reade. Published by William Allison, 1890.

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Fact Of The Day

Handwritten note:

Deepest lake on Earth known is -

Lake Baikal in Siberia


Lake Tanganyika in Africa - which is 400 miles long as per Nat. Geographic of Mar. 1952

Now you know.

Found in "The Ardent Eighties" by Gregory Weinstein. Published by The International Press, 1929.

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A Crooked Man

Photo, no writing.

Found in "There Was A Crooked Man" by George Worthing Yates. Published by Triangle Books, 1940.

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Snowed In

Nothing to do but drink cocoa and read a good book.


Cloth bookmark.

Found in "Treasures From Fairy Land" by Rossiter Raymond and Grace Greenwood. Published by The American News Co., 1879.

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January 1, 1899

Single page from a journal or diary, dated 1899:

Sunday - cold day. Father and Helen made us a pleasant visit.

Monday, Jan 2 - cold, worked in wood PM

Tuesday Jan 3 - Jim came up, we skidded logs for wood

Wednesday Jan 4 - Warmer, snow going off fast. Cut Fred's hair, etc

Thursday Jan 5 - Nice day, snow gone except drifts and some in the woods. Bert C. and I went hunting skunk on Bert Simmons' - got 4, we went to Hook in the evening

Friday Jan 6 - Snowing for morning, helped Bert Dutton draw hay in fore noon. Stormed, frost all day

Saturday Jan 7 - Cold day and fair ??? ??? went to Hook with Bert in after noon. Bert helped me get bull down to my place (BH)

Sunday Jan 8 - Cold south wind. Maude D. made us a short visit in morning.

Monday Jan 9 - Snowed a little, wind shifted to west

Found in "Farm Festivals" by Will Carleton. Published by Harpers, 1881.

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