Not Necessarily In That Order


  • job
  • social interaction
  • Diploma - job - higher ed
  • Prep for life
  • Knowledge

Found in "The Complete Poetry and Selected Prose of John Milton" published by The Modern Library, 1950.

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Double Vision

Black and white photo with a bit of a double exposure.

Found in "The Centenary Poe" edited by Montagu Slater. Published by The Bodley Head, 1949.

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Space in its pure sense is infinity which extends in all directions and it cannot be perceived until it is bounded. Perception of it is entirely dependent upon form awareness. Any form system (focused perspective, et. al.,) which gives it dimensional quality will serve to communicate awareness of it as a concept. Art may express an idea of a thing but is never the thing itself.

Found in "The Princess" by Jude Deveraux. Published by Pocket Books, 1987.

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A Pal Like You

Greeting card, no writing:

A Pal Like You!

Oh, the road of life
is part uphill,
And the shadows come
As shadows will;

But what do I care,
Gray skies or blue
As long as I have
A pal like YOU.

Found in Shakespeare's "Tragedy of Coriolanus" published by Harper & Brothers, 1890.

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To Do

To do list:


Go get:
  • Shoes at Leones
  • Prints at L & L

Clean 3rd fl. bathroom

Shower sometime (tonight?)

Found in "Sula" by Toni Morrison. Published by Plume, 1987.

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Twain winner

Winner of "American Claimant" was Alicia, who entered right here on the site.

Thanks to all of you who entered today, keep an eye out for more free books.

Alicia, email me to arrange shipping:

Last Giveaway: Contest closed

OK this is it, probably the last giveaway of 2011.

Here's what's up for grabs:

"The American Claimant" by Mark Twain. Published by Charles Webster, 1892. First edition.

Ok, contest closed, off to pick a winner.

History Winner

History books winner was Robyn, who entered over on Facebook.

I think I have one more in me, let me gather ups some books.

Historically Great Giveaway: CLOSED

These two volumes are in rough shape, but they are filled with fantastic full page engravings. The one with the red cover is from 1900 and the leatherbound volume is from 1882.

Contest closed.

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Giveaway winner was Tiffany, who entered right here.

Next giveaway comes after lunch, a man has to eat.

Tiffany, email me so I know where to send your books:

More free books: closed

Three matched volumes from the "Collector's Edition" series from Pocket Books:

Nana by Emile Zola
Dialogues of Plato
Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert

"A Journey to the Center of the Earth" by Jules Verne. Published by Reader's Digest, 1992. Illustrations by Lars Hokanson.

"The Red Pony" by John Steinbeck. Published by The Viking Press, 1945. Illustrations by Wesley Dennis.

"The Pilot" by James Fenimore Cooper. Published by President Publishing, New York, circa 1900.

Comment to enter, winner picked at random in about an hour (12:00 noon-ish EST)

Ok, off to pick a winner

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Giveaway winner

"Three Lives" winner was @indigomay who entered on Twitter.

Next giveaway in a moment.

Giveaway Day

I want to give back to all of you today, you've made it such a great year for me and this blog.

I'll be having all sorts of giveaways today, as many as time permits.

Let's start small:

"Three Lives" by Gertrude Stein, first Mod. Lib. edition, 1933

Comment to enter, I'll pick a winner at random at 11:00 AM EST (about an hour)

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The Spirit

It's become sort of a tradition around here for me to scan in some postcards around the holidays. Hope your enjoy these:

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At Home All Day

 Note, looks like it used to be in a diary.

Thursday, March 8, 1883

Friday 9

Bought cow of Geo Kellogg
Price $50.00

-other side

Sunday, March 11, 1883

At home all day

Monday 12

Went to Oneonta after fuel

Found in "Marie Bashkirtseff: The Journal of a Young Artist." Published by Cassell and Co., 1889.

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Rain or Shine

Concert ticket, dated August 10th, 1997:

Neil Young / Crazy Horse

Found in "American Appetites" by Joyce Carol Oates. Published by Harper & Row, 1990.

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Overture, Curtains, Lights

One ticket for "Acis and Galatea" performed at the Glimmerglass Opera during their 25th season.

Found in "The Richard Trilogy" by Paul Horgan. Published by The Wesleyan University Press, 1990.

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Handwritten promise to repay $3000, dated 1845. There's a "Paid" stamp on the front of the "check" -

Waterloo 5 Sept 1845

Thirty days after date pay to the order of W.V.J. Mercer Esq. cashier three thousand dollars

$3000 Mr. Tho P Hart New York

Tho Fatzinger


2446 Oct 5

No 156 due 4th Oct

Found in  "Essays, Critical and Miscellaneous" by T. Babington Macaulay. Published by Carey and Hart, Philadelphia, 1843.

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A Wondrous Job

Postcard, dated December 31, 1923.

Happy New Year

May the New Year bring
you so much joy
That you'll readily
Whoever it was devised
this earth
Made a wondrous job
of it.


Wishing you a Very Happy New Year.

Vivian F. Sprague

Found in "Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates" by Mary Mapes Dodge. Published by Scribners, 1879.

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If You Want Romance

Advertisement for Palmolive soap, complete with humorous and unlikely comic.

Found in "The Bounty Trilogy" by Charles Nordhoff and James Normal Hall. Published by Little, Brown, 1962.

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Worksheet with doodles.

Found in "The Modern Elementary School" by Wilbur H. Dutton. Published by Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1960.

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It's Silver, It's Gone

Invitation to a 25th anniversary party:


Twenty-Fifth Anniversary
Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Thurston

At Home

Monday Eve'g, December 27th, Frankfort Hill, NY, 1880

Found in "The Speaker's Ideal Entertainments; for Home, Church and School" by George M. Vickers. Published by S.I. Bell, 1892.

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Giveaway winner

Today's giveaway winner was Ginnie, who entered right here.

Ginnie, I will try and contact you, but please email me if you see this (it just makes things easier)

Thanks to everyone for entering, think I'll have one more before the holidays.

Giveaway: Set of 20 Classics: Contest Closed

20 total volumes in matched red, green and blue bindings. From the "World's Great Classics" series published by The Colonial Press. Histories, orations, essays, political writings. All volumes published on or around 1900. Gilt top edges. Filled with illustrations.

Contest is open to everyone, as they always are.

Comment here to enter, I'll be picking a winner at random from the site, Facebook and Twitter today at 3:00 PM EST (about 5 hours from now)

Good luck!

 - coffee table in first image not included :) 

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Gathering Pebbles

Illustration, with the caption "Gathering Pebbles."  Appears to have come from a catalog or trade card, there's a bit a glue remnant on the reverse side, but no other markings.

Found in "Uncle Frank's Home Stories" published by George Routledge and Co., 1853.

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The Bradford

Postcard featuring the Bradford Hotel in Boston. No postmark or writing.

Found in "Ulysses" by James Joyce. Published by Random House, 1946.

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