Cabbages And Kings

Strange postcard, no writing on reverse.

Found in "The Life and Letters of John Burroughs" by Clara Barrus. Published by Houghton Mifflin, 1925.

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Tomato Pudding

Recipe for Tomato Pudding:

2 cans (#3) of tomatoes
5 cups cubed white bread (or bread crumbs)
1 tsp. salt
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup melted butter
3/4 cup boiling water

Strain tomatoes - no juice. Add sugar and salt. Add boiling water. Boil for 5 minutes. Put bread cubes in casserole. Pour butter over bread. Add boiling tomato mixture. Bake for 50 minutes at 375 degrees.

see: p. 185 of Joy of Cooking

(sorry to have taken so long with this! HG)

Found in "A Family Affair" by Roger Eddy. Published by Crowell, 1958.

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Your Presence Is Requested

Wedding invitation:

Carrie Belle Alliton

George H. Ackerson

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Alliton request your presence at the marriage of their daughter

Carrie Belle
George H. Ackerson

Thursday evening, October twelfth, eighteen hundred and ninty-nine, at half past six o-clock.

New Haven, Michican

Found in "A Study of Ethical Principles" by James Seth. Published by Scribners, 1905.

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Season's Greetings

Here are some of my favorite bits of Christmas ephemera I've shared over the years.

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Snow Balls

Recipe for "Snowballs" -

 1/3 cup butter
 1/3 cup sugar

 2/3 cup milk

Batter: Sift together 1/2 cup cornstarch, 1 cup flour, 2 tsp baking powder, add a pinch of salt, lastly fold in 2 beaten egg whites. Place small amount of dessert fruit in custard cup. Cover with batter. Steam in small amount of water 30 min. Remove from heat. Invert pudding in serving dish. Pour custard sauce over pudding and add more fruit if desired. Server warm with whipped cream.

Mrs. Patrick Whelan

Custard Sauce

 2 cup milk
 1 heaping tbs flour
 Yolk of 1 or 2 eggs
 1 cup sugar

Cook in double boiler and add vanilla when cool. About 1/2 tsp

Mrs. Patrick Whelan

Found in "The Horse and Buggy Doctor" by Arthur E. Hertzler. Published by Harper and Brothers, 1938.

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Just Us Kids

Photograph. No writing or dates on reverse.

Found in "Florida Bird Life" by H. Howell. Published by Florida Dept. of Game and Fresh Water Fish, 1932.

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Hey Ma

Letter, no date or envelope:


Did I leave my spiral notebook on the card table? Just put it aside until I coome home - there is nothing I need for a while in it.

Would you look in the Penfield book to see if there is an Issac Penfield (b ? 1820) married to Mary Ann Allyn? Look up Allyn in the index and the number is the number of the Penfield (not page number). If no Allyn - try Allen. Are there any children? And who are parents?

Another page on Hotchkiss.
In Boughton Index
Nathaniel Van Buren m. Alice Ella Bouton
(dau. of Geo. Bouton and Eliz Hughes m. 1863)
ch. Percival b. 1884

Cornelia Van Buren m. Julius Boughton, son of Jesse Boughton and Abigail Van Valkenburgh


Found in "In Old Oneonta: Volume One" by Ed Moore. Published by The Upper Susquehanna Historical Society, 1962.

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Good Luck, Jake

Photo; looks like a cake with a 48 star American flag and the words "Good luck Jake."

Found in "The Long Christmas" by Ruth Sawyer. Published by Viking, 1941.

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Sealed envelope, no writing on front or back.

Of course I had to open it:

Found in "The Old Aztec Storyteller" by J.A. Rickard. Published by Bernard Ackerman, 1944.

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Most of the contents of a small 1914 calendar and a German voucher or coupon (I believe it reads "Gutschein" at the top.

Found in "Idylls of the King" by Alfred Lord Tennyson. Published by Macmillan, 1906.

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Giveaway winner

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Thanks to all of you who entered, and I look forward to another year of giveaways.

Friday Giveaway: Mark Twain's "Following The Equator" - contest closed

This will be last giveaway of the year, the holidays are pretty busy here in the shop, and I want to be sure the winner receives the book before Christmas.

Up for grabs this week is an early edition of Twain's "Following The Equator" from 1898:

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Gracie Allen postcard, no writing on reverse.

Found in "Americana 1926" by H.L. Mencken. Published by Alfred A. Knopf, 1926.

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In Bloom

Colored pencil sketch.

Found in "Chestnut Bur Lions" by Edward Needles Wright. Published by The Whimsie Press, 1977.

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Tintype photograph.

Found in "The Pathfinder" by James Fenimore Cooper. Published by Allison, no date, circa 1894.

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Giveaway winner

Winner of the mystery box was @DiLaheurte, who entered on Twitter.

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Friday Giveaway: The Mystery Box - contest closed

Contest now closed, winner will be announced shortly.

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The Stories We Tell: Part Four

Check out part onepart two and part three of this week's series.

There were a lot of expert swimmers and divers along the river but Vince Brennan and my brother Sonny were the only ones I ever saw dive from the top deck of the night boat "The Berkshire"

Abie Finkelstein

He was trying to sell me a coat when I was staying at 47 Fonda, but we mist have all been in Athens. He kept saying "Miss Frisbee you look exotic" and after that Aunt Ethel used to say "Miss Frisbee you look narcotic."

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The Stories We Tell: Part Three

Check out part one and part two of this week's series.

Miss Rainey - my first grade teacher - lives at 4 Warren St Athens.  She came to see me when my mother died, and said to John, "Take good care of my girl." Since then she has given me a tin chamber stick dated 1835. She said she never had a raise in pay until my father got on the Bd. of Education and that if they needed anything for school plats, costumes, etc., all she had to do was "tell Mrs. Frisbee."

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The Stories We Tell: Part Two

Here's the next note in this week's series:

When Charlie Sarrano's grandson Bill Stafford pitched for the Yankees, Charles Jr. took him to Yankee Stadium to see Bill pitch. When manager Ralph Houk went to the mound to take Bill out, Charlie stood up in his box seat, cupped his hands to his mouth and yelled at Houk, "You  domb sahn-of-a-beech, he's a pitch a hius heart out. Dey don't catcha da ball."

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The Stories We Tell: Part One

I came across a fantastic cache of notes and stories, I will be sharing them all week.

Joe Schell - correctly Schill - my father Joseph Schill Frisbee was named after him.

When I was a little girl we had a big framed Civil War picture, "The Siege of Vicksburgh." When I asked my father about it, he told me this story.

Grandpa Frisbee's sister, Elvira, stood in the window as the boys marched off to the Civil War. They asked her who she was looking for and she said "Joe Schill. I'm going to marry him when he comes back." She was still very young and they laughed.

Joe Schill was captured and kept in Libby Prison. After the war, he came home and married Elvira Frisbee, Her brother George (my g'father) named his son, Joe Schill, after her husband. The picture was given to my father by the man he was named for.

Found in "The Hudson" by Carl Carmer. Published by Grosset and Dunlap, 1968.

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