Trade card advertising John K. Drake of Troy, NY, seller of extract, face powder, soap sachet powder, toilet water, etc..

Reverse side has a 1909 calendar and indicates it is perfumed with Azurea. You can still smell it, I can best describe it as a mix of rose water and moth balls.

Found in "The Science of Common Things" by David A. Wells. Published by Ivison, Blakeman and Taylor, 1857.

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  1. Sounds like an odd scent -- I'm sure it smelled much nicer back in 1909.

    Lovely blog!

  2. I love that you could still smell the perfume a hundred years later. I find this doubly incredible since most scratch and sniff books from my youth have already lost their scent.

    I wonder if the pages of the book will be permanently infused with it.

  3. Did anyone else see the word Azurea and think "blue urine"? Rose is a lot better than what went through my mind!