Welcome To The World

 Birth announcement with original envelope:

Announcing the arrival of

Thomas Waldron Jones

Born to:

Mr. and Mrs. Judge S. Jones


January 9, 1929

Found in "David Bushnell and his American Turtle."  No author listed, published by Saalfield, 1903.

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Pen Pal

 Letter, no envelope or date. No signature, for that matter.

I am thirteen years old. My birthday is March 2. When is your birthday?

I live with my mother, grandmother, and grandfather. We own our house.

The school I go to is Oneonta Junior high School. I'm in the seventh grade. We are going to have a long Easter vacation. It will last from April 9th to April 24th.

I have one pet, a cat named Topsy. She is almost six years old. Do you have any pets?

Do you have any hobbies? I have several. I like to collect dolls very much. Some of my dolls are from foreign countries. Collecting coins is also a hobby of mine. I have several valuable coins. Their dates are 1807, 1849, 1866, and 1879. I am trying to get coins from other countries. Every summer my minister visits Europe. He has brought me from dolls from Europe. This ear I am going to ask him to bring me some foreign coins. I also like to read books.

My mother works in a bank and my grandfather works for a railroad.

I take piano lessons. Do you play an instrument?

Would you like a pen pal from Japan?

(let me think about it awhile)

Found in "Sam and the Firely" by P.D. Eastman. Published by Beginner Books, 1958.

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The Open Road

2003 bus ticket receipt, New York to Oneonta NY.

Found in "Debt and Crisis in Latin America" by Robert Devlin. Published by Princeton, 1989.

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Trade card advertising "Ayer's Cathartic Pills."

Found in "A Short History of the English People" by J.R. Green. Published by Harper and Brothers, 1881.

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 Recipe for "Jumbo Sauce" -

8 lbs. crabapples, chopped
6 lbs sugar
2 oranges (with rind) chopped
1 lb. raisins chopped

Mix all together and cook well

Found in "The Boston Cooking School Cook Book" by Fannie Merritt Farmer. Published by Little, Brown, 1929.

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My New Old Favorite Bookmark

Many of you readers out there will likely recognize this bookmark:

I found it in a book way back in 2009, and its little head has become something of a Forgotten Bookmarks mascot. Here is today's find:

Same design, different optometrist.

Found in "Murder Twice Told" by Donald Hamilton. Published by Dell, 1950.

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Got A Light?

Book of matches from Lee's Hawaiian Islander Restaurant, Lyndhurst, New Jersey.

Found in "Catastrophe Theory" by Alexander Woodcock and Monte Davis. Published by Dutton, 1978.

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From The Rooftops

Photograph, it appears as if it was taken on a rooftop. No writing on reverse.

Found in "The Secret Garden & The Little Princess" by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Published by Reader's Digest, 2009.

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Simulated Bookmark

CD-ROM from the Sims 2: University Expansion Pack.

Found in "Hopper" by Rolf G. Renner. Published by Taschen, 2000.

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Gone Fishin'

For #ThrowbackThursday, here's an old hand-drawn fishing map I found. I first posted on the website in 2012.

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Ready To Can

Handwritten recipe for Pepper Hash:

1 large head white cabbage
1 large white onions
6 sweet red peppers
1 tablespoon white mustard seed
Quart best cider vinegar
1 pint granulated sugar

Chop cabbage and the peppers very fine. Make a brine with half cup salt and enough cold water to cover the chopped vegetables and let soak overnight. The next morning cop the onions fine, drain the peppers and cabbage, and the other ingredients, and it is ready to can.
Found in "New Modern Illustrative Bookkeeping" by Charles Rittenhouse. Published by the American Book Company, 1918.

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Black Hat

Black and white photograph.

I'm not sure what to make of the man in black.

Found in "Birth of Berea College" by John A. R. Rogers. Published by Berea College Press, 1933.

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Best Throwback Ever

For #ThrowbackThursday here are three cards from the "Operation" board game. Found in "Richard Scarry's Little Counting Book" published by Random House, 1998.

I first posted this back in 2013.  I didn't know then how many times I would read that to my daughter.

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Tintype photograph in sleeve.

Found in "Guide to Social Happiness" by Mrs. Ellis. Published by Edward Walker, 1847.

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What A Spectacle

Somewhere back in time, the former owner of these glasses is still looking for them. It looks like they have been in there so long, they have cracked the binding.
 Found in "The Story of a Fight" by Hugh Lloyd. Published by McLoughlin Brothers, 1907.

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Lucky, Part 104

Dried and pressed four leaf clover.

Found in "The Christians' Inheritance" by Samuel Clarke. Published by Evert Duyckinck, 1823.

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