Friday giveaway - contest now closed

Today's giveaway are these two vintage references; the recipt book is a general almanac/encyclopedia of facts, recipes, how-to hints, and other assorted affairs of "domestic science." It was published in 1916. The other is a guide for "womankind," which means assorted essays and illustrations on health, beauty, being a good mother, and how to clean the house - just the sort of antiquated ideas you'd expect from 1901.

Contest closed - announcing a winner shortly

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Photograph, no writing on reverse.

Found in "The History of Orange County, New York" compiled by E.M. Ruttenber and L.H. Clark. Published by Everts and Peck, 1881.

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The Bleachers

One unused ticket to the August 26, 2003 Yankees / White Sox game, bleacher seats.

Found in "Sula" by Toni Morrison. Published by Plume, 1987.

Edit: I usually provide a recap on found tickets:

Roger Clemens started for the Yankees and got hammered, giving up four home runs and nine earned runs on the way to a 13-2 loss.

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Rita Returns

I'll let you in on a little secret. I love guest posts. Less work for me, keeps the blog fresh... and hopefully I get to introduce readers to some new voices.

Today's post comes courtesy of Rita, the librarian behind the desk of Screwy Decimal. This isn't her first time here, I'm sure many of you remember her post from earlier this year. I'll let her take it away:

Last week, a precocious fifth-grade girl asked me for help with finding some "good books" to read for fun. She wanted something realistic and humorous, so I immediately thought of Paula Danziger, whose books I had loved at that age. The girl had already read and enjoyed "The Cat Ate My Gymsuit," so I picked up a copy of "There's a Bat in Bunk Five" to show her. I flipped through the book to check its condition before giving it to the girl (with library books, you never know if a page or ten are missing) and this red piece of paper fell out. The "bookmark" label says business, but the smiley face says fun. Happy reading!
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Wrinkle Free

Short letter:

Happy 4th - Fri.

Good morning,

Enclosed is your beautiful dress with alterations exact and wrinkle free, oh please let there not be a wrinkle.

Thanks for the loan of the book.

Talk to you soon!


Found in "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Published by Scribners, 1953.

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Longfellow giveaway winner

Winner of this week's contest was Misha, who entered right here on the site.

I'll be sending you an email in a moment, keep an eye out for it.

Thanks to all who entered - more free books on the way...

Giveaway: Leather Longfellow - Contest closed

Up for grabs today is this 1866 leather edition of Longfellow's "Tales of a Wayside Inn."

Contest closed - back with a winner in a moment.

Good luck!

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Bring Cheese

Small note, it's only 2 inches by 3 inches:

Church supper
bring cheese

Saturday go to Mr. Halls to party.

Learn verse...

No church
the last week
in August

Church next
Found in "The Call of the Wild" by Jack London. Published by Whitman,1960.

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All In The Family

I was sorting though a box of antique and collectible price guides, and I came across this old business card. It was my grandfather's card - he was an epic collector of just about everything.

The book is "Old Mechanical Banks" by Ina Hayward Bellows. Published by Lighter Publishing, 1940.

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Only In Dreams

Note; looks like a page from a journal or dream notebook:

Saturday, July 26, 2008

2nd AM of 2 powerful dreams.

Yesterday: woke up from maybe couple hours of progressive dreams: me from younger to older. 1st really erotic dream I can remember having. Bill was downstairs, though; Murphy's whining at door brought me to consciousness. (the same Murphy who needed to go out and is not getting tummy rubs to my left)

This AM: vivid regressive dreams - born though (what?) maybe seven lifetimes. Part-way through I knew in dream that I'd been through "older lives." Two brothers, a sister? Boys had different fathers. Smarter one aged more quickly than less gifted, but sweeter, brother. A sort of Lex Luthor/Marvel Comics/radiation thing I was "burned?" at some point in my life?

Woke up just b-4 6 AM. Bill facing me - my reality touchstone. Ernie was slightly erect, became more so with (rather insistent on my part) stroking. Lower back/pelvis killing me; remembered stomach/ab contraction can ease pain, so did that. Realized dream sequence and got conscious enough to realize that waking Bill wasn't fair. Left Ernie to rest, kissed my beloved, patted/scratched Murphy with my foot while reaching for journal and pen, Had to pee, so did that, then got book's (??) dog to go downstairs. He had to pee - long night for him - and now we are on couch w/Murphy properly curled up to my left my R wrist properly braced, and me pondering the powerful dreams showing me that I am coming into the kairostic moment of being not in my past nor in my future, but the true present. And I can get my life in order, my finances - my heart, soul, body - and not only God but also life is good - all the time.

Thank you.

Found in "Mrs. Pollifax and the Second Thief" by Dorothy Gilman. Published by Doubleday, 1993.

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Stop That Train

Two NYC train tickets.

Found in "Norwegian Self-Taught" by Anton Bjornson. Published by L. and M. Ottenheimer Publishers, 1912.

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Giveaway winners

I have two winners to announce this morning, so let's get to it.

Winner of the Star Wars giveaway was @posiegirl - who entered on twitter.

Winner of the second giveaway was Ashley Teal, who entered on Facebook.

But wait - I can't allow my faithful readers here on the blog to go home empty handed...

I've taken the entries from both giveaways and picked a winner for the super-secret third prize:

Two terrific Arthur C. Clarke books, "The Exploration of Space" and "The Promise of Space" and a little battery-powered Millennium Falcon.

Winner of this little bunch was Suz and Allan.

To the winners - if you see this, send me an email:

I'll be trying to get in touch with all of you on my own, but it ever hurts to check in.

Thanks to everyone who entered!

Friday Giveaway, Part II: contest closed

If you're not into today's Star Wars giveaway, perhaps you will be interested in these fellows.

Star Wars Giveaway: contest closed

As many of you know, The Star Wars collection is out on Blu-ray today. I couldn't help myself:

Today's first giveaway is for these six vintage Star Wars books and Latara the Ewok.


Found this one today, couldn't wait to post it.

Looks like the front panel of the original "The Legend of Zelda" box. The empty space is where you could see the gold NES cartridge inside.

Found in "History of the DC Universe: Book One" published by DC Comics, 1986.

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Red Hot and Rollin'

Snap-on Tools sticker.

Found in a 1993 V-Twin Manufacturing catalog.

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Graham Is Good

Recipe for Graham Cracker Fudge:

2 squares bitter chocolate OR 8 tablespoons cocoa
2 cups sugar
1 cup rich milk
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon butter
24 (large size) marshmallows
2 cups graham cracker crumbs
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup broken nut meats (if desired) [ed: NEVER!]

Mix chocolate, sugar, milk and salt in heavy sauce pan. Place over heat and stir to mix thoroughly.

Turn down heat when it begins to boil. Cook to soft boil stage (238 degrees). Remove from heat.

Add butter and marshmallows. Do not stir, let stand 25 minutes. Add other ingredients and stir only until crumbs are mixed in well. Our into buttered pan and let cool. Cut into squares.

"This is a delicious fudge recipe. It does not have that too-sweet taste of ordinary fudge."

Found in "Pillsbury's Cook Book" published by the Pillsbury Flour Mills Co., 1923.

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High Quality


July 3, 1984

Dear Mary -

Could not get a hard cover of this except by order - up to 10 weeks. So I opted for this as I want to send it to you now.

If you care for it quite a lot - I'd like to give you a hard cover later. I re-read mine a lot. But this is at least a high quality paper back and won't fall apart in your hands.

The Tillie Olsen is a splendid hard cover - a remaindered book club edition I was able to get here. The paper of it are all poor quality. You'll relish her style - amazingly inventive and poetic, no matter what else.

Commemorations of a special time with you and Joseph.


Found in "Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters and Seymour: An Introduction" by J.D. Salinger. Published by Bantam, 1981.

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On Your Feet, Soldier

Foot-shaped menu for the "Bare Feet Bar" at Fort DeRussey.

Found in "The Story of Art" by E.H. Gombrich. Published by Phaidon, 1951.
Alas, the era of novelty-shaped menus was too short. Too short.

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Harry Potter winner

Winner of the two Harry Potter books was Maggie Dempsey, who entered over on Favebook.

Many thanks to all of you who entered, it was a great turnout this week.

Extra special big thanks with hugs for those of you who donated to the local animal shelter. I will post a picture when I bring the money over!

Friday giveaway: Two Harry Potter first editions - contest closed

Special giveaway today, two first edition, first printings: "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" and "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix."

 - 09/10/11, contest closed

On a more serious note, I'm sure many of you have heard about the record flooding in central and southern New York as well as Pennsylvania. The bookstore made it through the rain without any problems, but our family's other shop - a used furniture and antique store - did get quite a bit of water. In fact, we have been unable to get to the shop since Wednesday, as many roads in the area are either closed or washed out. We went through the same thing in 2006, and we'll be fine.

Other communities in the area may not be. Just to the west of us, Sidney, NY is experiencing "catastrophic flooding." It will be a long time before the people and businesses there will return to life as normal. Sidney is also home to the Delaware Valley Humane Society, a friendly little animal shelter where I was lucky enough to meet and adopt my two dogs. Even after adopting my second dog, I make a trip down there every other weekend or so to meet the new arrivals and to give them the proceeds of my clearance sales from the store. They are good people and take good care of animals in need.

I'm not sure how they are faring during this crisis, but I know that they got hit pretty hard in 2006. If you love animals and enjoy the giveaways here at Forgotten Bookmarks, think about donating a dollar or two - I'll post a PayPal donate button below. 100% of the proceeds (and proceeds from will go to the shelter. I'll take whatever is in the account to them as soon as the roads are passable. If you don't donate here, think about donating to Southern Tier chapter of the Red Cross.

Donations are ABSOLUTELY not required to enter.

Thanks for reading this, and good luck on the giveaway!

Proceeds go to Delaware
Valley Humane Society

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Ready For Action

Photo, no no date or writing on reverse.

Found in "The World's Dumbest Criminals" by Daniel Butler and Alan Ray. Published by Rutledge Hill Press, 1997.

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Also, I'm A Blonde

An invitation, of sorts. Written on paper with singed edges:

Pledge Marilyn Clark,

Well, it's begun and now we'll see if you can take it. I want you to find out who I am and leave me a note in my mailbox today. I'm sweet, shy and innocent. Also, I'm a blonde, about 5'. Find out what has happened to me recently and know all about me.

I have some work for you.

Your Beautiful Initiator

Found in " "A Sociology of Education" by Wilbur Brookover. Published by the American Book Company, 1955.

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Giveaway winner

The Black Beauty winner was Whistler - please contact me via email so I know where to send your book:

Bonus giveaway: contest closed

"Black Beauty" by Anna Sewell. Published by John C. Winston, 1927. Illustrations by Edward John Prittie.

14 full-page illustrations, the frontispiece is in color. Light cover wear, mostly at the upper corners. Rear portion of binding is a bit shaken, but holding tight.

Contest closed; winner announced shortly.

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Giveaway winner

Winner of the 22 vintage books was Kj Redman, who entered on Facebook.

If you guys are up for it, I'll put together another giveaway for the website only.

Giveaway: 22 vintage books - contest closed

A real mix of titles for this Friday's giveaway; an old Daniel Boone biography, some H. Rider Haggard, "Lorna Doone," some O. Henry - 22 books in all.

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Business card.

Found in "Poems and Prose: 1949-1977" by Harold Pinter. Published by Grove Press, 1978.

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