I Love You, NASA

Great collection of vintage color photos and memorabilia from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The six photos all have a time stamp of February, 1971. No writing on the visitor's pass or postcard.

Found in "North American Head Hunting" by Grancel Fitz. Published by Oxford University Press, 1957.

It's true. I love NASA.

-Click to enlarge photos-


  1. Head Hunting? FROM SPACE? In your dreams... LOL.

  2. The cards are great, but the book is even better. I already own that one, and loved the stories.

  3. I had a camera that gave me photos like that once... and I loved that old square format. Using that film got me only slightly smaller photos but I could get six squarish photos on a page of my album as opposed to only three of the 4x6 inch photos or four of the 3.5x5 inch size. After all this time, I have no idea what went with that camera.

  4. What a fabulous find! And so appropriate for today with the original astronauts getting medals from Congress.