Silk ribbon with an illustration of a violet drawn in. I'm guessing drawn, I see no stitch marks or anything similar... but then again, I am not an expert on 19th century textiles.

Found in "Winston's Cumulative Loose-Leaf Encyclopedia Volume II - Bay Of - Chalcis" edited by Thomas Finegan. Published by Winston Co., 1926.


Color photo, 5 inches by 3 inches.

Label on back reads:
Taken May 10, 1997
at Shirley & Laine's

Found in "Speaking With The Angel" edited by Nick Hornby, published by Riverhead Books, 2000.

You Gotta Be In It To Win It

Lotto ticket from Massachusetts, dated September 16 1989.

Found in "Season Ticket" by Roger Angell, Ballantine, 1988.

(I know you're curious. I know because I'm curious. Thanks to Mass Lotto's neat website, you can look up winning numbers. I'm assuming this ticket was purchased for the 9/16/89 Megabucks draw, and the winners for that day were 2-3-4-23-30-32.)

Right is Might

Card with a typed letter.

Sept. 15th
Dear Jay:
We always enjoy hearing from you but it is such a sad state of things, that you haven't been able to get your rightful claim acknowledged. I guess all we can steadfastly know if that Right is Might and will prevail. A friend of ours has suggested that you write to Robert Kennedy.

Had a note from Mrs. Platt yesterday. She is not married as yet and may wait until January when she is due to retire. Alan has a new job and has moved to Boca Raton which is not too far from where his mother lives. Dave and his wife still live up in N.Y. but bought a place in Maine and he is not making custom furniture.

Janice is going up north to her Association so no doubt she will meet your Mom there.

The Jr. Onderdonks just returned from a trip to Florida and N.Y. They visited Pat's mom in Florida and then drove up to Bedford. They visited the Onderdonks and then drove up to Boston where they stayed with Janet and all attended the Biennial meeting at The Mother Church. Seven kids from this area went too.

On the way back they dropped Ricky off at Pri?cipia where is now a sophomore.

We all keep busy as can be in this shop and Pappy Green is a haaaard taskmaster.

He talks of talking a cruise this winter to the Pacific and ending up in Australia but so far it is only in the mental stage but it all sounds very alluring.

Schools here opened on the 7th so Nancy is now down to one little boy and he is in nursery school three mornings a week so she and I can get some book work done.

Hope you and your Mom are fine. Do let us hear more news of you when you can

Mammy Greene
Found in "The District Doctor and Other Stories" by Ivan Turgenev. Published by A.S. Barnes, 1960.

Cannot Keep It From Themselves

Lightweight card with horse illustration on front.

Inside, written in pen:

Those who bring
To the lives of others,
Cannot Keep it
from themselves.
Sir Walter Barrymore

Found in "The Kindness of Strangers" by Katrina Kittle. Published by Harper Perennial, 2006.

Admit One

Concert ticket, 3 inches by 2.5 inches.

Monday, September 22 10:30 PM
at the
Bitter End
149 Bleecker St., New York City
Jeff Kline
and the
J.K Band
Admit One
Found in "Speaking With The Angel: Original Stories" edited by Nick Hornby. Published by Riverhead Books, 2000.

Billy Benson

Two letter-sized pages, looks to be computer printouts. One is a blurry picture, the other is clearer, with a message:

It was very nice meeting you, hope you had a good vacation!
Mike 'aka' Billy Benson

Found in "Human Anatomy and Physiology: Sixth Edition" by Elaine N. Marieb. Published by Pearson, 2004.

From Our Friend in South Bend

Looks like a neat find:

Thanks for sharing your FB, Melissa.

Home Alone

Black and white photo, 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches.
Printed on back: "CITY DRUG STORE ONEONTA N.Y."

Found in "Grannie's Wardrobe; or The Lost Key" by Mrs. Marshall, published by The Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, Clarendon Press, 1872.

Leaf Me Alone

Terrible start to this post.

Dried and pressed plants; looks like a little maple grouping and a bit of a fern.

Found in "A Life Hid with Christ in God: Being A Memoir of Susan Allibone" by Alfred Lee. Published by J.B. Lippincott, 1856.

They Keep Saying High School Diplomas Are Worthless

Diploma from Oneonta High School. Certificate bound in heavy leatherette covered boards with silk lining.
Certificate reads:
Oneonta High School
Oneonta New York
This Certifies That
Rose Marie Boschetti
has completed the High School Course of Study prescribed by the Board of Education and is awarded this
Given in the City of Oneonta, in the State of New York,
June 26, 1961.
Charles A. Belden, Principal
Adolphe A, Myrus, President, Board of Education
Harold V. Hager, Superintendent of Schools

Found in the bottom of a box of Edgar Rice Burroughs paperbacks.

Collections a Specialty

Postcard from Wilber National Bank, Oneonta NY. Dated and stamped May 25, 1899.

Found in "The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary" by The Abbe Orsini. Published by Collier, 1880.

Treasure Map

If by treasure, you mean a Long Island Texaco station.

Hand-drawn map on legal size paper. 516 area code indicated Long Island area, probably Sag Harbor.

Found in "Bettmann Portable Archive" edited by David Greenstein. Published by Bettmann, 1993.

Hi Patrick

Hey, we just passed 100 posts.

Card, 5 inches by 3.5 inches folded.
Written on inside:

Hi Patrick -
The 2nd part of your birthday present. First printing - just came out. I hope you enjoy it. I'm thinking of looking into the NJ edition.
Hope ??? and Keira are fine. And, of course, hugs for ???? Belle.
Love you,

Found in "Memoir of a Geisha" by Arthur Golden. Alfred A. Knopf, 1998. Not a first printing, not the book mentioned in the card, or so it would appear.


Black and white photo negative, 3.5 inches by 1.5 inches.

The second photo above is the results of my tinkering in Photoshop for 20 minutes. I don't have one of those fancy negative scanners, so I did the best I could. You can barely make it out, but there are two babies in a bed with the mother (?) looking over them.

Found in "The Genuine Works of Flavius Josephus" published by Mack, Andrus and Co., Ithaca, 1846.

The Bourne Identity

Train ticket, punched. Grand Central Station to White Plains.

Found in "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" published by Scholastic, 1999.

Something New

Trying something new today, a short video. Hopefully it will speak for itself.

Dried flowers and leaves.
Found in Sanders' Union Reader. No date, title and copyright page are torn. Circa 1870 or so.

Strawberry Alarm Clock

Sorry about the meaningless title, but I was trying to continue the unintentional music theme.

Illustration, probably cut from a magazine or book. Five inches across.

Found in "Skinny Legs and All" by Tom Robbins, Bantam, 1995.

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Pencil sketch, 8.5 inches by 10 inches.

Found in "Fore N Aft" 1968 Year book of College of Mt. St. Vincent.

So Sudden

Postcard, illustrated front.
Reverse is stamp dated April 22 1910, Rockdale NY.
Addressed to Mr. H.W. Wilson, Rockdale NY.

Found in "Pain - Its Mechanisms an Neurosurgical Control" by James C. White, Charles Thomas Publishers, 1955.

Double Vision

Color photos, wallet-sized. No writing.

Found in "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" Scholastic paperback, 1999.

Some People Call Me The Space Cowboy

Color photo, 3.5 inches by 5 inches.

Found in "Bell, Book, and Scandal" by Jill Churchill. W. Morrow Books, 2003.

Time Is

Short poem on flowered stationary. 8.5 inches by 5 inches.

Time is
Too slow for those who want
Too swift for those who fear
Too long for those who grieve
Too short for those who rejoice
But for those who love
Time is eternity.

Found in "Empire Falls" by Richard Russo, Vintage, 2001.

Phone Home

Marker and pencil on plain paper stock, 8.5 inches by 5.5 inches. Dated 8-24-82, signed Martin A????

Found in "Fore N Aft" 1968 Year book of College of Mt. St. Vincent.


Pastels(?) on off-white blank paper. 9 inches by 12 inches.
Is it Wilford Brimley? I'd like to think so.

Found in "Fore N Aft" the 1968 yearbook of the College of St. Vincent.
I found a ton of great stuff in the book, so keep an eye out.


Technically, not a ForgottenBookmark, just an interesting passage written on the front inside endpaper:

I Love you Santos R*** and our four kids, you guys are my life, without you we have no life. I hope and pray that we be together for a lot more years to come. We already a lot more years to come. We already had 13 years why not more? I hope and wish that we could really trust one another, and show more love and respect. Your the only one that I need in my life. The same for the kids. I hope and pray that when you come home to stay, that you don't ever leave us again. We miss you and always love you. We just want you home where your suppose to be. We want this family whole not incomplete.

Written on "Lovers" by Judith Krantz, Crown Publishers 1994.

Request for Ideas

Good morning, readers. I may post a FB later in the day, but for now, I wanted to ask you all a favor.

I want to run another contest to get people involved with the site. I love comments and musings on these strange items I post about, and I want to encourage that kind of discussion.

I'm listening - tell me about some of your ideas, thoughts, wild speculations, anything.
Please post in the comments section, unless it so scandalous, you have to email me outright.



Frontispiece from an unknown book with newspaper clipping attached with a pin.
Clipping is dated 1906 with the caption "REV. DR. TOWNLEY."
Frontispiece is captioned "PASTOR FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH GOUVERNEUR, NY" with Townley's printed signature.

Written underneath:
"Baptised Me March 17
1862 in First Baptist Church
Peekskill New York"
Written on back:
Pastor of the first Baptist Church
Peekskill NY 1860-65.
Baptised me March 17, 1864.
Found in "The Holy Bible, Containing the New and Old Testaments" published by George Eyre and William Spottiswoode, London, 1869.

Two Girls

Color photo, 4 inches by 6 inches. No writing on reverse.

Found in "Jane Eyre" By Charlotte Bronte. Published by Random House, 1943.


Wallet-size photo, color. No writing on reverse.

Found in "A Family Madness" by Thomas Keneally, Touchstone, 1986.

A Lunar Drawing

Drawing, in pencil, on 5 inch by 8 inch paper. Also included was a "title page" which has "A LUNAR DRAWING" written on it.
Written on reverse of drawing:

(drawing) EARTH

Found in "Barnum Presents: General Tom Thumb" by Alice Curtis Desmond. Published by Macmillan, 1954.


Hope everyone had a great New Year. Thanks for reading, and I look forward to another year of found goodies.

Sepia tone photograph, diagonal format, on thick stock paperboard with embossed border. 4 inches by 4 inches.

Found in "Lives and Writing of the Poets" by Giles Jacob. Published by E. Curll in London, 1720.