I'm Rich

 $100.00... bookmark.

Found in "Kid Rodelo" by Louis L'Amour. Published by Bantam, 1989.

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 Handmade christmas card. Appears to be by artist Anthony Triano.

Front of card features a tree. Written: "Noel."


Visit me during the holidays if possible.

My work is in a much more favorable atmosphere here.

Best Wishes
Anthony Triano

Found in "Total Massage" by Jack Hofer. Published by Grosset and Dunlap, 1976.

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Write Or Visit Them

Came across this interesting letter from writer Henry Miller, dated December 6th, 1943.


Dear Mr. Ells -

No, I don't sell my books my self. There are several book stores which carry them. In New York City there is The Gotham Book Mart - 51 W. 47th St. Write or visit them.

Sincerely yours,
Henry Miller

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Found in "Millennium Man" by George Otis. Published by Pillar Books, 1975.

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Fractional currency; a ten cent note, series of 1874.

Found in "The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club" by Charles Dickens. Published by Hurst and Co., circa 1880.

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Cute little gift envelope and card (three inches across):


A Gift For You

With very best wishes for your happiness

We will celebrate later.
Love Rene

Found in "Dostoevsky" by Andre Gide. Published by New Directions, 1949.

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Taster's Cherce

Hat tip to Alex on the title.

Recipe for... food.

Chocolate Mouse

8 oz bitter sweet ch
egg whites
whip cream

Cook small onions w/ dash of sugar
olive oil, ground pepper add 1/2 butter
add tiny peas (fresh only) canned
slice carrots very thin. cook 1 c (water)
dash salt / sugar
shell steak / roast no fat dab of butter
oregano rosemary thyme
cayenne black pepper dash salt
roll roast in it
brown in olive oil 4 min ea side
asparagus cut on bias in pieces

hot mustard
dash salt
cracked pepper
canola oil

> mix put asparagus in sauce marinate
Make of this what you will.

Found in "The Low Calorie French Cookbook" by Béhotéguy de Téramond. Published by Grossett and Dunlap, 1964.

Many thanks to Sara for deciphering this recipe.

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Drop Me A Line



Dear Jennie,

Just a line hope you got settled by now
Here are the pictures taken Xmas not very good
these are for you.
If every thing is OK here next Sat we will go to Gladys' I will call you
Maby you can come down for dinner we will take you out to eat as I told Gladys we didn't want to spend the day cooking and Sun we want to start home by noon.
If you want any thing from here call or drop me a line.
Love Hadie

Found in "Letters From The Other Side: With Love, Harry and Helen." Written down by Mary Blount White Published by Upper Access Publishers, 1987.

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All We Ask

Advertisement for the "Detroit Sure-Grip Steel Tackle Block."

Found in "Invisible Man" by Ralph Ellison. Published by Random House, 1952.

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Terror, Destruction and Death

A word of warning before we get to today's pictures. Some of the images below depict dead bodies.

From what I can gather, these pictures were taken, or at least collected, by Mr. Ross, the author of the book they were found in. The envelope bears his name, and the handwriting on the photos seems to match up with the inscription in the book (it was signed, dated 1947).

Ross might have been part of a relief effort that took place in May 1902 in Martinique, and in particular St. Pierre. Mount Pelée, a stratovolcano, erupted in early May, and eventually killed 30,000 people. It is considered the worst volcanic disaster of the 20th century.

First picture is the envelope the pictures were found in, and the book "Historical Background of the Panama Canal" by Walter G. Ross, 1947:

Blueprint of the relief ship, the S.S. Dixie. You can read Ross' name at the lower left.
On the reverse:

Supplies on Martinique Relief Expedition
Commissary supplies 990 tons
Quartermaster " 200 "
Medical " 60 "

1250 tons

The still-smoldering Mount Pelée.


Mt. Pelée
4200 ft
May 8th 1902
May 20th 1902

The ship


U.S.S. Dixie
about 620 ft
Sailed from Pier 13 - ER Brooklyn
May 14th 1902

Empress Josephine

Burning dead bodies

25,000 lives lost

"Not one stone shall be left upon another"

St. Pierre, Martinique
May 21st 1902

Lava. Mud. Dust.

Plaza Victor Hugo

Terror Destruction and Death

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Winner, Part 99

Thanks to everyone who entered, I just wanted to let you all know that I love having these book giveaways. If I could somehow make a living giving away books, I would certainly give it a shot.

Anyway, today's winner is Diane J., who entered right here on Forgotten Bookmarks.

(actually the first winner Random.org chose was me, but we can't have that. Must stop commenting on these giveaway threads)

Congrats to Diane, and many thanks again to those who entered. More to come.

These Are Days - With Bonus Giveaway

 Photo (quite lovely, I think).
On reverse:

Compliments of Gillette Film Station Dealer
Stations all over greater N.Y.
Insist upon Gillette quality

Found in "Days With the Great Composers - Third Series: Mozart, Schumann, Tschaikovsky." Published by Hodder and Stoughton, circa 1915.

I'm giving away this book and photo I found inside. The book is illustrated with tipped-in color plates, as you can see here:

I'll be announcing the winner tomorrow (April 16th) at 3:00 PM EST.
Comment to enter.
Good luck.

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The Ties That Bind

Business card:
A. Riedinger
Sign & Decorative Painter

131 Mt. Vernon Ave
Mt. Vernon NY

Found in "Let's Bind a Book" by Guy A. Pratt. Published by Bruce, 1944.

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Handwritten letter:

December 19 1967

Hello Charlie

This book has only recently been published. I thought you would like to have a copy so I got it for you. Hope you enjoy reading it. Dr. Khanna, a staff member here, has edited the book.

All the best now.

Sincerely, Sileen

PS 1. Thank you & Ron for the card.
      2. Tell Tom Weaver about the book since he is interested in this area too.

Found in "Brain Damage and Mental Retardation" edited  by J.L. Khanna. Published by Charles C. Thomas, 1968.

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Everyone seemed to enjoy the pictures from yesterday's post, so I thought you all might enjoy another round.

Bought these books today, I'm really at a loss for adjectives.

Big, leather, engravings... everything you want in an impressive tome.

To the pics:


As you can imagine, these books are pricey.
For now, I'm leaving them on my desk... just so I can smell them.

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LBJ Took My Baby Away

Photo of  an LBJ plaque. It's not his grave site and the photo is not marked.

Found in "A Texan Looks at Lyndon: A Study In Illegitimate Power" by J. Evetts Haley. Published by Palo Duro Press, 1964.

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The Friendly Things

There is a forgotten bookmark in today's post, but I think the book it was found in is just as interesting.

The book is "The Elf-Errant" by Moira O'Neill and features exquisite black and white illustrations by W.E.F. Britten.

Here is the cover:

 The front endpaper has an cute inscription:

To Kay (An Irish Girl)

From Edna (An English Girl)

Title page:

Here are some of the illustrations:


Finally, the poem:


Oh,  it's just the homely little things,
The unobtrusive friendly things,
The "Won't-you-let-me-help-you" things
That make our pathway light.

The "Laugh-with-me-it's-funny" things
And it;s the jolly, joking things,
The "Never-mind-the-trouble" things
That make the world seem bright.

Are not the human little things,
The "Everyday-encountered" things,
The "just-because-I-love-you" things
That make us happy quite?

So here's to all the little things,
The "Done-and-then-forgotten" things,
Those "oh-it's-simply-nothing" things
That make life worth the fight.

"The Elf-Errant" by Moira O'Neill. Published by Lawrence and Bullen, London, 1895.

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Crossword Traffic

Newspaper clipping of a crossword puzzle. Reverse of clipping is dated ___ 23, 1935.

Found in "Sea-Tracks of the Speejacks" by Dale Collins. Published by Doubleday and Page, 1926.

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Red Books Winner

Our winner was Escargot Pudding, who entered right here.

E.P. - email me if you see this: fb@forgottenbookmarks.com

If not, I will try and track you down.

Thanks everyone!


I'm feeling a bit red today, so why not have a red book giveaway:

Includes Milton's Poetical Works, Works of Voltaire and Dickens' "Dombey and Sons."

Comment to enter. I'll announce a winner tomorrow (April 7th) at 3:00 PM EST.

Good luck!

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Dogs And Cats, Living Together

Polaroid photo, color. Reverse is marked "Dog & Cat."

Found in "The Elements of Style: Second Edition" by William Strunk, Jr. and E.B. White. Published by Macmillan, 1979.

 I tried cleaning up the picture as best I could, but it was pretty dark:

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