Forget Me Not

Valentine, the front reads "Forget Me Not."


From thy Valentine

On Love's own festal day
No distance true lovers can part
And near or far away,
Thou only dost reign o'er my heart

Found in "Samantha at Saratoga" by Josiah Allen's Wife. Published by Lupton, circa 1890.

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The Night Is Lovely

I often find goodies tucked away in boxes that aren't books. I'd like to share this old diary I found.

Here is the first page, the author has written in their name and some nice (and historic) details:

Sarah Q. Thomson
Hurricane Hall
Fayette County
June 28th 1875

Here are a few entries:

Sept. 16th - Rainy. Mrs. Frazer called a few minutes. Mal and I spent the day at Mannys

Sept. 17th - Very cool all day. Roger and I went to Lex. and got home a little after noon. Roger went huntin after we ate. Dr. Wasson came on the stage this P.M. Mr. Pettie came this P.M. and left and 1/2 past 10. We met Mr. Frank Houghton on the road; he says Jennie is no better.

Sept. 18th - Cold and rainy all day. This A.M. I cooked some watermelon preserves with lemons. Dr. Wasson is still here.

Sept. 19th - Mr. Thurman preached this A.M. He is agent for Foreign Missions. Mr.s Pettie baptized George Pierson after meeting. Dr. Wasson is still here and Mr. Pette and Mr. Thurman came from the baptism. Mr. left the dinner table and went immly. to Republican. He gave me a note...

Feb. 9th - Last bedtime 10:40. Finished and sent by stage Mr. Pettie's letter. Did not go to prayer meeting.

Feb. 10th - Rec'd 10 pages to letter mailed yesterday. Mrs. Walton and Ellen went to Geo. town at 3 1/2 P.M. Before they started Mrs. W. took me in her buggy to the road gate for the mail and very unexpectedly I rec'd above letter and Rose Catalogue from Dingee and Conard Co. Mrs. W. spent the A.M. in my room. Began reply to this P.M.'s letter

Feb. 11th - Ellen is 19 today. Pa gave her a gold necklace. Miss Mary Haley gave cuffs and collar and wheelbarrow needlebook and silver thimble. Sis and Squire took Ma with them to Rodes (?) to spend today. Very rainy. Pa and Miss Mary went to Lex., Mr and Mrs. Walton to Stanford. This P.M. M(?) Oliver Redd, Geo. Burch, S.R. Smith Jr. and Mrs. Smith and Marie called. Mrs. Frank Houghton died at noon. I finished Mr. Pettie's letter this P.M. All but Pa, Ma and Henry went to the Literary Society tonight, I had to read, was awfully embarrassed. Ben Crenshaw brought me home. The night is lovely. Got home at 11. Last bed time 12.

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Back In Cohoes Again


Reverse side reads:

Florence Conroe (Murth)
now Cohoes NY

Bea's Cousin

Found in "Pattern Poetry" arranged by Richard Wilson. Published by Thomas Nelson, 1945.

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Have A Hearty Christmas

Christmas Card.

Front reads "Hearty Christmas Greetings."

Inside reads:

Just the same wish you've had before
A Very Merry Christmas
I wish the best of all its store
And then I wish it more and more
A Merry, Merry Christmas


Found in "The Works of James Fenimore Cooper: Volume Nine" published by P.F. Collier.

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Bear Necessities

Fabric patch for the Bear Cub Scout program with a safety pin.

Found in "Adventures in the Haunted House" by Page McBrier. Published by Troll, 1986.

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Take A Picture

Photograph, no writing.

Found in "The Mayflower Pilgrims" by Edmund Janes Carpenter. Published by Abingdon Press, 1918.

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Members Only

Member decal for the Photographic Society of America.

Found in "We" by Charles A. Lindbergh. Published by G.P. Putnam, 1927.

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The Grave Of Sophomore English

Two photographs, on the back of the gravesite photograph is written:

"The Grave of Sophomore English" - at the foot of a big elm tree to the right of the main side walk to Draper, as one enters from Western Ave. Jay Ellis, Ray Schneible, Ed Song, etc. helped bury it in June 1915. Ray was the minister officiating and wept realistically. This seems to be unknown to present "Staters." Tempus fugit. Ah well - it was ever thus. This is the place for a tear.

Based on the description and the fact that the book's author, Anna Pierce, was Dean of Women at the Albany State Teacher's College, I would say the "gravesite" was located somewhere around here:

The two photographs were found in "Deans and Advisors of Women and Girls" by Anna Pierce. Published by Professional and Technical Press, 1929.

Signed by the author:

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Marriage certificate, dated May 11th, 1870:

The Certifies That
The Rite of
Holy Matrimony
Was Celebrated Between

William E. Handy and
Mary Ann McCarthy
Both of the town of Ephratah in the County
of Fulton  and State of New York by me
a Minister of the Gospel May 11th 1870
E.G.R. Joshua

Witness: S. Brookins

Found in "Romola" by George Eliot. Published by Harper and Brothers, no date, circa 1860s.

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Guys And Dolls


Found in "A Brief History of the United States" by Joel Dorman Steele. Published by the American Book Company, 1885.

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The Boys

Small black and white photograph, no date or writing.

Found in "Tom Brown's School Days: At Rugby" by Thomas Hughes. Published by Porter and Coates, ca 1880.

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Adventure Time

Tootsie Pop wrapper.

Found in "The Mona Lisa is Missing: Choose Your Own Adventure #76" by Ramsey Montgomery. Published by Bantam, 1988.

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Letter, dated June 20th, 1989:

Dear Jimmy,

I received an ad for this and decided to get it for you because I remembered that you wanted to find out about it. It may be more basic physics than you're interested in; I'll be glad to discuss any part of it with you if you have questions.

Best regards,

Found in "Comet" by Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan. Published by Random House, 1985.

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Are some of my cultural friends charlatans?

Sometimes I wonder if I am, a charlatan, I mean.

from (?)
Nov. 8, 1987

Found in "Architecture: The Natural and the Manmade" by Vincent Scully. Published by St. Martin's Press, 1991.

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