Second to None

Vintage ad for Greys cigarettes.

Found in "Guns at Lazy River" by Stewart Adams. Published by Western Novel of the Month, 1941.

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Looking Glass winner

Winner of "Through The Looking Glass" was Marie (aka The Boston Bibliophile), who entered here on the site.

Couldn't have happened to a nicer person.

Thanks to everyone who entered. More giveaways on the horizon.

Through The Looking Glass: contest closed

Only one book in today's giveaway, but it's a neat one, and an edition I don't come across often:

Part of the "Wonderland Series," this is Lewis Carroll's "Through The Looking Glass" - rewritten for children (abridged and edited a bit). This has the Tenniel illustrations in black and white, as well as six color plates. It was published by The Hayes Lithographing Co. of Buffalo, NY somewhere around 1910. It's a a bit worn, but the pages inside are in good shape, even if the binding isn't.

Giveaway has ended.

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Called It Macaroni

Feather, no idea what bird it might be from.

Found in "Her Privates We" by Frederic Manning. Published by Readers Union, 1965.
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Handmade Valentines Day card:

Aunt Mary and Uncle Joseph

Happy Valentines



Found in "The Last Tycoon" by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Published by Scribners, 1969.

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Before Lolcats, there were Cat-O-Graphs

I came across this booklet while sorting. It was put out by the makers of "3 Little Kittens" cat food in 1952, and features customer-submitted photos of cats along with a humorous caption (sound familiar?). I scanned in a bunch of the pages for your enjoyment; I'll put up a few here, but I've put the entire gallery up on imgur.


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Advertising card for the Willimantic Linen Company.

Found in "Poems" by Alfred Tennyson. Published by Edward Moxon and Co., 1860.
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Black and white photo. Date of "April 1, 1971" is written on the other side.

Found in "Hondo" by Louis L'Amour. Published by Fawcett, 1953.

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Giveaway winner

Today's giveaway winner was Spacebeer, who entered right here.

Spacebeer, please get in touch so I know where to send them:

Thanks to all who entered.

Friday Giveaway: contest closed

14 books.

Leave a comment below to enter, or let me know on Facebook or Twitter.

picking a winner, back in a few moments

Good luck.

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When You're Strange

Postcard featuring the "Edgar Allen Poe Shrine" in Richmond, VA (their spelling). No writing or postmark on the back.

Found in "The Strange Adventures of Mr. Middleton" by Wardon Curtis. Published by Herbert S. Stone and Co., 1903.

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Wishing for Rain

Short illustrated book, "Sally Squirrel's Wish" published by Whitman, 1950.

Found in "The Big Rain" by Françoise. Published by Charles Scribners Sons, 1961.

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Never Again


Found in "I'll Never Go There Any More" by Jerome Weidman. Published by Simon and Schuster, 1941.

I absolutely adore this photo.

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Drawing, looks like it was photocopied from a notebook. There's a note written in the margin:

This is my level 12 rogue Peren (?) from D & D

Found in "The Call of the Wild" by Jack London. Published by Dover, 1990.

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Every once in a while, I plan on throwing up something a little different. I'll start today with this issue of "Science Digest" I dug up, there's an interesting article on the science of Star Wars. Click the photos for the full-size (and readable) version:

From "Science Digest," June 1980.

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Giveaway winner

Giveaway winner was Stephanie M. Lorée, who entered right here.

As always, thanks so much for entering. I love these giveaways as much as you do.

Giveaway: Universal Self Instructor - contest closed

I've basically turned Friday into giveaway day around here. Nothing wrong with that. Today we have "Kelly's Universal Self Instructor" - a big thick illustrated reference to just about everything, printed in 1882.

-contest closed, 7/16/11 10:00 am est

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Have Mercy

Color illustrated advertising card.

Found in "God Have Mercy On Me!" by Marjorie E. Smith. Published by Gold Label Books, 1941:

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Advertisement for Gates "Gardenette" garden hose.

Found in "Music Out of Dixie" by Harold Sinclair. Published by Permabooks, 1953.

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Dirty Harry, Traffic Cop

Photocopied sign:


Found in "Bruce Catton's America" edited by Oliver Jensen. Published by Promontory Press, 1987.

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Giveaway winner

Today's giveaway winner was Jessiqa, who entered right here.

Thanks to everyone for entering - Jessiqa, I'll try and contact you though your profile, but if you see this, send me an email:


Giveaway: 17 Vintage Books: Contest Closed

Contest closed, winner announced shortly

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You're A Peach

Postcard, shows a postmark of May 25, 1910, Union Grove, NY.


My favorite fruit is a date with a peach.
When may I have one with you?


Recv'd letter at night Monday, am working right over Town to day.
Please call up on telephone tomorrow night if you get this.


Found in "The Bronte Sisters" by William W. Kinsley. Published by F. Tennyson Neely, 1899.
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Young Lady in Manhattan

Some of you might have caught this article on Gawker, or perhaps the Huffington Post, or even the Daily Mail - "Young Lady in Manhattan." Yes, that reddit user was me. Thought you all might enjoy reading it as well, I've scanned in the first 13 pages, more than what is posted on those sites. Here's the link to the gallery I created.

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Chocolate Chip Bars

A few weeks ago, the wonderful Joanne Camas found Forgotten Bookmarks's sister site, Handwritten Recipes, and was nice enough to write up a piece for her blog on Epicurious. She helped put out the call for some test chefs, as I've always been curious to see how some of those recipes might turn out. I got over 100 emails, and I'm still sorting through them - this is the first of what I hope are a series of posts.

Our first guest post is by Malorie:

For my first entry on Handwritten Recipes, I couldn’t resist the Chocolate Chip Bars, something warm and comforting on a grey New England day. These did not disappoint and made a wonderful afternoon snack. Enjoy!

Recipe as found in "The Green Mile" by Stephen King. Published by Plume, 1997.:

Chocolate Chip Bars

1/3 c. shortening
1/3 c. butter or margarine
1/2 c. sugar
1/2 c. brown sug. (packed)
1 egg
1 teas. vanilla
1 1/2 c. flour
1/2 teasp. soda
1/2 teasp. salt
1/2 c. chopped nuts
1 pkg. (6 ounces) semi-sweet choco. piece

Heat oven to 375° Mix short., butter, sugars, egg and vanilla thoroughly. Stir in remaining ingred. Spread in ungreased oblong pan, 13 x 9 x 2 inches. Bake 20-25 minutes. Cool; cut into bars.

My notes: I chose pecans for the nuts in this recipe, but really think that any nut (or omitting them and adding more chocolate for those with allergies or aversions) would work just fine. I also used a slightly smaller oblong pan, because of personal preference for a thicker bar.


Cream together the butter, shortening and sugars, then add the vanilla and egg.

Add the dry ingredients.

Stir in nuts and chocolate chips.
Dough! It’s delicious at this stage too ;-)
Spread dough into oblong pan. I used a slightly smaller one than stated in the recipe because I like the consistency of a thicker bar cookie.
After 25 minutes at 375 – Voila! Warm and delicious Chocolate Chip Bars. The hard part is waiting for them to cool enough to consume one.
After some impatient waiting, a bar ready to be eaten:

Overall Verdict: Wonderful. Thumbs up all around from my husband, a visiting friend, and myself. These bars taste like thick chocolate chip cookies with a soft interior, an excellent crunch from the nuts and a nice crust on top. I think they’re best while warm, and I am planning on enjoying my next one with a scoop of ice cream on top.
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