Giveaway Winners

Two winners this week -

First, winner of the classics collection was Ree Scheier Donnelly, who entered on Facebook.

Winner of the children's books was Marissa Culp, who entered via email.

Thanks to all who entered, see you here next week.

Friday Giveaway: Eight Classics and Three Vintage Kid's Books - contest closed

Giving away another two prizes. First up is this little set of classic titles:

Last but not least are these three vintage children's books:

Contest now closed, winner announced shortly.

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Childhood Days

Baby photo, no date - written on the back is "Nettie: 5 months old"

Found in "Childhood Days" published by Grand Union Tea Company, 1908.

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I had been saving this odd bookmark for a while, but I have already misplaced it once and with the shop moving locations, I didn't want to lose it again.

One stick of 256 MB DDR RAM.

Did the owner decide to upgrade their PC in the middle of the book? We may never know.

Found in "Remarkable Creatures" by Tracy Chevalier. Published by Plume, 2010.

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The Bachelor

If you can provide a backstory to this illustration, you have more imagination than I do.

Found in "Reveries of a Bachelor" by IK Marvel. Published by Optimus Printing Co., circa 1894.

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Man's Best Friend

A few newspaper/magazine clippings on dogs, a postcard (no writing or postmark) and a short note:

March 4, 1944

My wife, who does most of the dog-raising around here, recommends two books, to which she constantly refers for suggestions, especially as to diet.

"The Complete Dog Book" by Dr. William A. Bruette, published by Appleton in 1925.

"How to Raise a Dog in the City and in the Suburbs" by James R. Kinney and Ann Honeycutt, illustrated by James Thurber, published by Simon and Schuster in 1938.

All found in "The Book of Dogs" by James Gilchrist Lawson. Published by Rand McNally, 1934.

There was also an inscription on the front endpaper:

Oct 13, 1934 - At Oneonta
The day we attended "The First Annual Horse Show of Oneonta"
Howard, Daddy, ???, Flo and I plus Eleanor and James Stafford

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Giveaway Winners

Another two winners this week:

First winner of "Handwritten Recipes" and "How to Cook" was Sooz Weissberg, who entered on Facebook.

Second, winner of the Kipling set was Lindsi Bonar, who entered here on the site.

I will send Sooz a Facebook message - Lindsi, if you see this please get in touch:

Otherwise, I will try and get in touch with you.

See you next Friday, have a great weekend.

Friday Giveaway: Handwritten Recipes and Kipling - contest closed

Giving away another two prizes this week. First is a signed copy of my book "Handwritten Recipes" - which comes with a bonus. I am also including one of the original recipes featured in the book and the 1944 cookbook it was found in, "How To Cook" by Marjorie Griffin.

This week's other prize is this vintage set of Rudyard Kipling in matching bindings:

Contest now closed, winner announced shortly.

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Remember Me

No bookmark today, but I did find this old leatherbound "autograph book" from the late 1800s. Here are a few sample pages (click for larger images):

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Virgin Records

Homemade CD mix with custom artwork. The CD is actually a pretty good holiday playlist. I put it up on Spotify.

Found in "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy. Published by Vintage, 2006.

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Final exam in gynecology, dated May 31, 1941. Some notes in pen, including "Maybe she just had menopause."

Found in "Studies in Gynecology: Presented in the Form of Illustrated Problems for Classroom Work" by John A. Sampson, no date printed.

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The Oath

Membership card for "The Playmate Club," not surprisingly found in the June, 1955 issue of "Children's Playmate." I'm posting this otherwise ordinary bookmark because of the "The Playmate Club Promise" located on the back of the card:

I promise to do my best at all times to help those who are lonely, needy, ill or shut-in.

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Giveaway winners

Two winners again this week. First, winner of the matched children's classic set was Colleen Turner, who entered right here on the site. Second, winner of the vintage classics was Linda McCann Jeffers, who entered on Facebook.

As always, thanks to all of you for entering and reading. Hope to see you here next week.

Friday Giveaway: Two Vintage Book Collections - contest closed

Giving away another two prizes this week. First up is this little set of children's classics:

Second, this collection of vintage classics:

Contest now closed, I will announce the winner in a moment.

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Fall Harvest

Lovely trimmed illustration, no date or writing.

Found in "Hester Morely's Promise" by Hesba Stretton. Published by Dodd, Mead - no date, circa 1886.

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The Heroine




on Sept 12 '37, because you have met the heroine and because I have been in the Province of Quebec and taken both the beauty and the bedbugs with placidity.

Written in "Maria Chapdelaine: A Tale of the Lake St. John Country" by Louis Hemon. Published by Macmillan, 1928.

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Exciting Country

Postcard featuring Swiftcurrent Lake and Mount Wilbur of Glacier National Park, postmarked July, 1941.

Found this mountain named after you.
Exciting country out this way. Beautiful drives and scenery.

Found in "The Shenandoah Pottery" by A.H. Rice and John Baer Stoudt. Published by Shenandoah Publishing House, 1929.

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Found Wanting

Today's bookmark comes from reader James:

I purchased a replacement copy of my missing "Davy Jones's Locker" and was amused to find that a previous owner had hidden a note from the teacher his Unsatisfactory Work in (I think) World History 1 class. I found it ironic that the note was tucked into a historical novel. The note is circa 1937(?) and the book's publication date is 1935).

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Giveaway winners

Two winners this week:

First, winner of the signed copies of "Handwritten Recipes" and "Forgotten Bookmarks" was @DragonflightGal, who entered on Twitter.

Second, winner of the four classics was Ali Lauren Thompson, who entered on Facebook.

Thanks to everyone who entered, I always look forward to Fridays.

Friday Giveaway: Two By Me and Four Vintage Classics - contest now closed

I'm going to pick two random winners again this week, one prize will be signed copies of my two books, "Forgotten Bookmarks" and "Handwritten Recipes," the other prize will be the four vintage books pictured below.

Contest now closed, winner announced shortly.

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I Want To Ride My Bicycle

1897 price sheet for bicycles.

Found in "The Prince of India" by Lew Wallace. Published by Harper and Brothers, 1893.

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For The Birds

Five small cards featuring illustrations of birds, from the Arm & Hammer "Useful Birds of America" series.

Found in "The History of Robinson Crusoe" published by McLoughlin Brothers, no date (or title page for that matter).

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Target Practice

Hand-drawn target bullseye drawn in pencil, dated 1902 with annotations. It's tough to make out all the notes, here's what I can read:

60 yd range
38-40 Marlin Repeater

(at bullseye) shot with .22

New Year's Day 1902
???ville ...

Found in "The Hallelujah" by Lowell Mason. Published by Mason Brothers, 1854.

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Giveaway Winners

Two winners to announce this week.

First, winner of the "Student's Cyclopedia" was mario, who entered here on the site.

Winner of the "Masterpieces" was Chris Green Lang, who entered on Facebook.

-I have sent Chris a message via Facebook. Mario, if you see this, please get in touch, there was no contact info on your Blogger page:

Thanks, as always, to all who entered. See you here next week.