Known The Wold Over

Advertisement for the "Type 'N'" airbrush, made by the Wold Air Brush Manufacturing Company.

Found in "Pollyanna Grows Up" by Eleanor H. Porter. Published by The Page Company, Boston, 1915.

I apologize for the headline pun, I should know  better.

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  1. No, you shouldn't. Part of the appeal of a blog which you've demonstrated to be a great deal of fun, but also a window to the past.

    This one is fun. I wonder at what point the Wold came to be.

    Pre-electricity? I doubt it. You have to have air pressure to use an airbrush, and reference is made to it being used by a showcard (read that, sign) artist as being a useful tool.

    Another great find.

  2. I've been using airbrushes for a little while. It's interesting to see a piece of where one of my favorite tools came from.

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