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Friday Giveaway: 15 Vintage Books - contest closed

Giving away these fifteen books this week.

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Passed Over

Three typed verses from the song "Passed Over," which I discovered (via Google Books) appeared in the 1868 edition of "The Spiritual Harp" -

Found in "Our Pupils: Psychology for Church School Teachers" by E. Leigh Mudge. Published  by The Methodist Book Concern, 1930.

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You Can't Please Them All

I asked twitter for requests this morning, and the response was mixed, no surprise there. Everyone has their favorite bit of ephemera. To compromise, here's a photo and a postcard I found in the same book:

The first is a class photo, the reverse side reads "Shupp Hill School 1900-1901."

Here's the postcard, dated December 22, 1910 and marked simply "Margaret."

Both found in "Album of Music" published by Jules Berr, 1878.

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Letter, dated January 31, 1955:

Dear Sir:

As you know, I have found myself increasingly hard put to manage financially in my present position. I think I mentioned this to you at our January 3rd conference, when I tendered my oral resignation.

In consideration of the above, I wish to resign as Graduate Assistant.


There was a nice bookplate inside, as well as the same Louis' name written in ink. I'm not sure if the letter was sent, or if he was just holding on to a copy.

Found in "General Logic" by Ralph M. Eaton. Published by Scribners, 1931.

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The Big Tuna

Here's another found recipe that's featured in my book HANDWRITTEN RECIPES.

This one is for a very American version of Tuna Croquettes:

35 Ritz crackers (1 stack pack), crushed
1 (7-ounce) can tuna, drained and flaked
¼ cup milk
½ teaspoon basil
⅛ teaspoon pepper
1 egg, beaten
American cheese, cut into 1-inch cubes

Mix together all ingredients except cheese, reserving some cracker crumbs, and chill. Shape each croquette around a cube of cheese. Roll in remaining cracker crumbs. Sauté in ½ inch of hot fat until well browned. Makes 6 to 8 croquettes.

Found in Gateway to the Great Books, vol. 10: Philosophical Essays edited by Robert M. Hutchins and Mortimer J. Adler. Published by Encyclopedia Britannica, 1963.

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Friday Giveaway: 16 Mysteries - contest closed

I decided to offer up a selection of vintage mysteries this week.

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The 2:15 Train

Postcard, dated July 27, 1912 (I think) -

Hope you caught the 2:15 train and arrived safe. Also hope you may get a little more sleep tonight. We will NOT attend at the church on the opposite side next Sunday.

Found in "Forty Years For Labrador" by Sir Wilfred Grenfell. Published by Houghton Mifflin, 1932.

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Neither Snow Nor Rain

Cloth U.S. Post Office patch.

Found in "Clinical Work With Children" by Judith Mishne. Published by Free Press, 1983.

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These United States

Drawing (or more likely a trace) of the continental United States.

Found in "Extending Good English" published by Macmillan, 1944.

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Of Easy Wind And Downy Flake

Advertising trade card, no date or company mentioned. "Subscription Price: $1.75 a Year" and "Established..." are the only indications on the front, reverse is blank.

Found in "Vermont in Floodtime" by Luther Johnson. Published by Roy Johnson Company, 1927.

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Friday Giveaway: 10 Classics - contest closed

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Just a collection of some of the common bookmarks I've found recently. I know I don't normally post them, but I figured a single post with a bunch I've come across might be OK.

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As you can imagine, I come across a lot of bookplates in my line of work. Here's a quick collection of some of the best ones I have found in the last few weeks. I've gone ahead and cleaned them up in case you feel like printing one or two out:

If that's still not enough bookplate for you, check out "Ex Libris: The Art of Bookplates" by Martin Hopkinson.

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Found this note with a bit of historical information:


Adam Lamont Henderson

Fought in France during WWI. I have his helmet. He was a doughboy and a foot solider and fought in the trenches. He was gassed and wounded. Also have a letter from General Pershing w/ highly collectible autograph and Adam's WWI books.

Found in "Ten Years Near the German Frontier: A Retrospect and a Warning" by Maurice Francis Egan. Published by George Doran, 1919.

No sign of the Pershing letter.

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Books On Books

Found this improvised bookmark, it's half of the front cover of "Outlaw Valley" by Evan Evans (aka Max Brand), published by Pennant Books in paperback in 1954.

It was found in "The Gun-Brand" by James B. "Purple Haze" Hendryx. Published by A.L. Burt, 1917.

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Morning Has Broken

Two drawings, the first pen drawing is signed and dated, and looks to be original. There are pen imprints that push through to the back and it smells... well, inky. The second color drawing looks like different quality paper and I don't see and imprints on the other side. May be a copy.

Both found in "Cat Stevens: Teaser and the Firecat - Piano/Vocal/Guitar" published by Walter Kane / Triangle Music, 1971.

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Friday Giveaway: 16 Vintage Children's Books - contest closed

Giving away this collection of sixteen children's books this week.

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Inauguration Day

I usually don't post many of the newspaper clippings I come across, they are rarely interesting enough to share. Today's find is a little more intriguing, and a lot larger than a clipping.

This is a four page supplement put out by the Washington Post on March 5, 1905 to celebrate the inauguration of Theodore Roosevelt. The front page has a nice illustrated spread featuring all the past Presidents, the inside is a huge drawing of the Roosevelt inauguration party, last page short biographies along with some facts and trivia.

Apologies for the low quality photos. I've got to get myself a proper camera for those pieces that just don't fit in the scanner.

The newspaper was found in "Hitchcock's New and Complete Analysis of The Holy Bible" published by A.J. Johnson, 1871.

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