Packing slip for "Renaissance Humanism" dated July 11, 1966.

Found in "Renaissance Humanism" by Frederick B. Artz. Published by Kent State University Press, 1966.

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In The White

Photo of high school basketball game:

Written on reverse:

In the white
14 - Paul Squairs
42 - Dave Harder
- Ted Bowls

High school gym against Norwich basketball in 1969-1970

Found in "The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction: June 1966."

Ed: This magazine is part of a big lot I'm selling on eBay.
If you are interested in this sort of thing, check it out.
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The Winners

Three winners to announce today.

First up, the winner of the Mystery/Thriller lot:

Jenera, who entered on the website.
I see you email is on there, I'll send you a note in a moment.

Second, the winner of the Sci-Fi books:

Aja Rose Barragan, who entered on Facebook.
Will send you a message through FB - if you don't get it, email me:

Finally, the romance books:

KrisLovesBooks, who entered via Twitter.
Will be sending you a message on there.

Thanks to all who entered, will try and have another giveaway or two this week.

Something A Bit DIfferent

As some of you may know, the official Forgotten Bookmarks scanner is dying.

I can't really post anything new until I get myself a replacement, so let's have a giveaway instead.

Instead of the usual classic titles, I decided to offer up three choices:

10 Romance paperbacks:

10 SciFi/Fantasy paperbacks:

10 Mystery/Thriller paperbacks:

I'll be picking a different winner for each of the three lots, so if you're interested, let me know which collection of books you'd like in the comments. I'll announce a winner on Tuesday, Jan. 25th at 12:00 PM EST. (tomorrow)

Good luck -

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Pee Wee

Pee Wee Reese baseball card, 1954 Bowman #58.

Found in "The Best in Baseball" by Robert H. Shoemaker, published by Crowell, 1959.

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Winner Time

As promised, I'm here announce the winner of the "Lucille" giveaway.

The winner is Katie - who commented at January 21, 2010 7:27 PM.

Big round of applause for Katie...

Katie, I didn't see contact info on your profile, so I left a note on your blog.
If you see this first, email me:

Thanks everyone!


Illustration of "American Fuchias."

Found in "Lucille" by Owen Meredith. Published by Crowell, 1885.

I'll be giving away this book and illustration tomorrow (January 22) at 3:00 PM EST, so comment in this post to enter.

Ed: Congrats, Katie.

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A Thorough Overhauling

Business letter from the Crosman Bros. Company, Rochester NY, dated June 10th, 1924:

Henry G. Throop,
Syracuse NY

Dear Sir:

We will repair your rifle and give it a thorough overhauling when it comes in.

Bullets are $2.00 per thousand plus 6¢ postage, or $1.00 for 500.

Yours truly,

Found in "The Pictorial History of the World: Volume II" by James D. McCabe. Published by J.R. Jones, 1907.
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Adorable sticker / decal featuring "Yellowstone Cub."

Found in "The Dream King: Ludwig II of Bavaria" by Wilfrid Blunt. Published by the Viking Press, 1970.
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The Pleasure Of Your Company

Handwritten wedding invitation, no date.


Miss Mabel Peck
Homer N.Y.
R.F.D. #1


Mr. and Mrs. Oscar G. Maxson request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of thier daughter

Edith Adeale


George Elmer Wilson

on Wednesday, September Thirtieth at twelve o'clock at the home of her grandmother Mrs. Abbie Peck, Scott, N.Y.

Found in "A Portrait of Joan: An Autobiography by Joan Crawford." Published by Doubleday, 1962.

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Settled As Promised

Letter from the office of James A. Townsend, wholesale grocer, Newburgh, NY. Date November 20th, 1889.

Mr. J.C. Merritt
Marlboro NY

Dear Sir:

I return herewith the note you sent to renew the one due yesterday, the 19th. The note has been protested.

You are not adjusting this matter as agreed, and therefore I must take this course and have it settled as promised.

James A. Townsend

Found in "Beauty of Holiness in Heart and Life" edited by Rev. and Mrs. French. Published by the author, 1860.

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Wants To Marry

Newspaper clipping, dated 11-2-66:

Wants to Marry

-Romina Power (left) and her mother Linda Christian

London, Nov. 1

Romina Power, 15-year-old daughter of film star Linda Christman and the late Tyrone Power, said today she wants to marry a 23-year-old singer.

She named him as Count Stanislaus de Rola and said he is a French pop singer. Her mother said: "I do not approve," but mother and daughter agreed that Romina should wait awhile.

Romina said: "All his friends call him Stash or Prince Stash but he's not really a prince. He proposed before I left Rome recently and I told him he may have to wait until I'm 18."

Found in "Linda" by Linda Christian. Published by Crown, 1962.

ED: Look at the mug on Count Stash. I had to find out if she married him. Turns out Romina had a pretty good career, and ended up marrying this guy, who seems much nicer than Count Stash.

Here's more on the Count and Romina.

One more thing. Linda Christian just replaced Tuesday Weld on my list. Here's why:

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Getting Better

Get well card in the shape of a book.

On the front:

The Best Story of All

You are Getting Better


It's good to know you're
getting well,
I know it won't be long
Until you're out among your friends,
Happy, well and strong!

-sis Trix

Found in "Upton Sinclair Presents William Fox." Published by the author, 1933.

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In Good Standing

Membership card for the Georgetown High School Athletic Association, no date:

This is to certify that L.M. Jenne (?) is a Member, in good standing, of the above names Association.

Dorothy Parkhurst - Secretary

Found in "The Heritage of Cain" by Isabel Ostrander. Published by Grosset and Dunlap, 1916.

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Photos printed on computer paper.

Found in "Queen Victoria: A Personal History" by Christopher Hibbert. Published by Da Capo, 2001.

ED: At first I thought this was some kind of comparison photo, a girl dressing up as the Queen, but the outfit looks more like Slave Leia than "The Grandmother of Europe."

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Our Little Secret

Printed email, looks like it's from daughter to mother. I left in all the typing mistakes and misspellings:

Subject: you and I and the past !!!
Date: Mon, 10 Jul2000 20:46:20 +0200
Dear Mom,
I just got you latest email. Yes, it stinks that I have the flu and even though it's suppose to cleanse the body, I'm tired of sweating at night and feeling like I've had three glasses of wint during the day. Other than that I don't have any other serious symptoms. I'm eating loads of fruits and vegetables and try to make a warm vegetable soup everyday,
I sort of imagined that you were in the situation that there were things that a mother didn't tell her children. I also remember your stories of being a tour guide in NY, (I still remember the photo of you pointing to a building). I am also aware that the trips to the West and the scuba diving was your initiative. I thought to myself, "she did all these cool things,but what has happened?" Somehow ( I felt) you lost your sense of adventure and that you were hiding your intelligence and wisdom behind something. Maybe it was such a struggle to express them living with Dad that you finally gave up.

I also thought that you loved us kids, but again, this was being hidden. About the draft. I remember when they were considering drafting women for the possible Iran war in the 80s. It was a big discussion over the dinner table, and again you wanted to fight against it. I appreciated the concern, and I thank you for it!

I am really happy that you are are enjoying these very important exchange is Emails. There's nothing more important and "therapeutical" than pulling out old stories from the past, going over them talking to someone you trust about them and focussing on them at another time of one's life. Your stories, your fears, your successes and the experiences you've shared with me have given me a completely different picture of you: more colorful, wiser and intelligent and in some ways you're a much stronger fighter than I. Now, from the emails that you're sending me, I see that you were suppressed in your marriage with Dad and dealing with Jim. Maybe that isn't reason why I'm still single. I have the feeling that the men I date feel threatened by the knowledge and wisdom that I've gathered being single and traveling alot. When they first see my apartment and everything that I've built and done myself, they feel useless.

I don't think that all the suggestions Jim gave about your marriage to Dad are always correct. I believe Jim sees your marriage from a contemporary man's point of view. It is quite obvious that Jim tries to set certain male fears into the two of us that Dad and other men have been doing. I may be wrong but the male world has made you afraid to just use your courage and just go for it.

The sock story proves my theory that logic and not complaining all the time gets the problem solved. Dad actually thinks that HE solved this sock problem and is saved from embarrassement knowing that he (discovered) the socks under the bed and not you.

I am about to dump the guy I'm dating because he thinks he's Mr. "know it all". Every time we carry on a conversation, he always likes to put the last
word in my mouth. My French is not as good as his so it may require a bit of patience. Most of the time, the words he chooses are wrong. Instead of
complaining I told him that each time he did this I would buzz (like when you give the wrong answer at a game show). He sort of half listened to me,
(as know it alls do) and not long after I was buzzing at him putting words in my mouth. We both laughed because we were in supermarket where he worked. The customers rolled thier little shopping carts by to see the two of us talk and I occaissionlly buzzing. This habit can't be changed so I'm gonna dump em.

Of course it's good to reflect back on your path of life and of course share it with others. I'm honoured that this person is me. I won't ever tell Jim and Dave about our little secret. It may be a good idea to store your ideas on discettes so you can read then again like journals. That's what I'm doing.

Well, now I have to be a good girl and good to bed and give this flu a chance.

Enjoy reading and writing. I'll hear from you tomorrow.

Found in "Learn to Remember" by Dominic O'Brien." Published by Chronicle Books, 2000.

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Magazine clipping featuring the Utica Jubilee Singers.

Also written in is "WJZ" and "WEAF" which I'm assuming are radio station call letters.

Found in "Anglo-Saxon Poetry" published by Dent and Dutton as part of the Everyman's Library, 1964.

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My Heart Is Yours


Can't You See My Heart Is Yours

Copyright 1910 by Roth and Langley NY

Found in "Memoirs of a Coxcomb" by John Cleland. Published by The Fortune Press, 1926.

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Hey, we just passed 400 posts. That's a lot of bookmarks.

Feed Me


Please feed me!
But why?
Feed me now!!
Stupid jerk!
May the gods let you rot.
Kira please feed me!
I am very extremely hungry!

Found in "Han Solo's Revenge" by Brian Daley. Published by Del Rey, 1979.
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Charlie Chaplin Cocktail

Recipe card.

Side one:

Charlie Chaplin Cocktail (Art Rose's father-in-law)

4 parts gin

2 parts imported French apricot brandy

1 part lemon juice

Shake with a bunch (?) of ice and serve.

Side Two:

Art Rose's Punch

1 part whiskey

1 part white grape juice

2 parts sparkling water

Have all chilled -
Pour over block of ice in punch bowl - serve at once.

Found in "Thesaurus of Humor" by Mildred Meiers and Jack Knapp. Published by Crown, 1940.

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