The Greatest

Letter with Rolling Stone Magazine letterhead, dated April 1st, 1976.
Dear Alan,
Many thanks for getting me a table last night. I enjoyed the Cate Bros. show enormously.

I look forward to meeting you again, soon.

Best regards,
Donald E. Welsh


P.S. Enclosed is a copy of the Muhammad Ali book which ROLLING STONE did a cover on several months ago.
Found in "The Greatest" by Muhammad Ali with Richard Durham, published by Random House, 1975.

ed: Looks like Mr. Welsh was an ad director at RS.

Dr. Sheldon's Sanitarium

Advertising card, 9 inches by 4 inches.
Dr. Sheldon's Sanitarium
Established July 1st 1910
Springboro PA
Positively Cures
All Liquor and Drug Addictions
Morphine Habit and all Addictions to Opium
Derivatives, Cocaine, Chloral, Tobacco
and Cigarette Habits
Our location (Springboro PA) is ideal for an institution of this character. It is a beautiful resort with numerous attractions and natural advantages, among which is a picturesque lake which affords boating, bathing, fishing, and skating, and the water from ther famous Springboro Mineral Springs is acknowledged by all to be equaled by few and excelled by none as an all-around medicinal drinking water
The Best Equipped and Best Conducted Institution of its Kind in the Country
Write for Rates and further information to DR. SHELDON'S SANITARIUM, SPRINGBORO, PA
Both Phones - Western Union Telegraph - Lock Box 121
Found in "A New Pronouncing Dictionary of the Spanish and English Languages" by Mariano Velazquez De La Cadena, published by D. Appleton & Co., 1906


Song lyrics in pencil, bottom right corner missing.

Let's do the breakaway
Get hot and shake away
It's got the snappiest
little passion
Three times upon
your heels
Oh! How good it feels
You get the snappiest
little sensation

Write a little no upon
??ur toes
?????n't forget to dot the I
????????k above your no goodness
?????????w it is as easy as y
?????????e on and breakaway
????????get hot and shake
?????????, you'll learn to do the
breakaway, by and by.
Found in "Lolita" by Vladimir Nabakov, published by Putnam, 1958 (6th printing)

Ed: Yes, it's a real song.


Folded letter, two sides of writing:

Dear George + Dick -
Here is my current project - to incorporate Monsoon into our nation's schools.
I've used Monsoon in my classes - 9th grade. I've used it insead of Nectar in a Seive for my India unit. Although I love Nectar, Monsoon was gobbled up by 100% of my students (I actually had juniors + seniors coming down to borrow "that book on India that the 9th graders are reading"!!) I have yet to find a student who didn't feel as though they had spent time in India after reading the book.
It has also motivated them to get involved in world affairs. The story is about a teenager who does get involved + the students can relate to it. My students, as a result of reading Monsoon did the following 1. started a sister-city ??????? project with the Societ Union 2. created an international exchange student day 3. "adopted" a child through Love the Children 4. just found out the other day that Sherwood Boehlert is cosponsoring a bill to sponsor UNICEF's drive to inoculate all of the world's children against the 6 most deadly, preventable diseases. Several of my students had joined an organization called RESULTS (political lobbying group) and as a result of our letters, Boehlert cosponsored the bill. I think that was a very big learning experience about how government works + the possibilities that anyone can make a difference.
Monsoon was the spark. Out of my 10 years experience in teaching, I have yet to find a book like this.
I would like you to tell you student teacher about it. It would be a great tool for teaching India + it would be something that would be sure to get even usually unmotivated students eagerly involved with India and global studies.
Consider buying copies for the soc. studies ed library. As my mother always tells me, "Try it, you'll like it."
Any support you can give me on my latest project (names of people who might be interested, etc) would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Dan ?????
Found in: "Wolverine '71: Yearbook of Worcester High School"

Ed: I assume the book he is referring to is this one.


3" by 5" color photo.
Written on reverse: "J - Slept with in June '01"

Found in "The Dogs of Babel" by Carolyn Parkhurst, Little Brown & Co., 2003.

Ed: I think it says "slept." Any other suggestions, or is my mind in the gutter this morning?

Big Pink House(s)

Crayon drawing on browned lined paper, 5 inches by 8 inches.

Found in "Birds That Hunt and Are Hunted" by Neltje Blanchan, Grosset and Dunlap, 1904.

The Modern Motor Cycle

Big advertising card, 6 inches by 9 inches, for the Ariel motorcycle.
Printing on back:
ARIEL Cyclone Twin
40 cubic inch o.h.v. Sports Twin, brilliant new performance and bright finish in two toned baked enamel and chrome make Ariel's new cyclone top choice for the red-blooded motorcycle sportsman.
Found in "Sears 1961 Suburban-Farm Supllies and Fencing Catalog" issued by Sears, 1961.

Hello Grandma

Postcard, stamped Griffin Corner NY, September 25, 1912.

Design on front:
If troubles don't
never come
single, for vy
should I get
Writing on back:
Hello Grandma:
Have you frozen up tet? Come over and I will tease you a little

Mrs. E.C. Bailey
Delhi N.Y.
Del. Co.
Found in "The Tennyson Birthday Book" published by Raphael Tuck and Sons, London, circa 1912.

Ed: I think "Come over and I will tease you a little" is my new catchphrase.


The envelope I keep all the posted Forgotten Bookmarks is full. Today's sketch was the straw that broke the camel's back. Before I transferred the contents to a larger container, I thought you all might like the overview pic:

Quite a pile, eh?

Taste The Rainbow

Drawing/sketch in pastels or something similar. 8.5 inches by 10 inches.
Found in "Applied Veterinary Anatomy" by Robert E. Habel, no publisher listed, 1975.

Strong 'Nuff

Advertising trade card, 4.5 inches by 3 inches.
Front: "Clark's O.N.T. Spool Cotton: Trade Mark"

Back: Clark's O.N.T. Spool Cotton
George A. Clark, Sole Agent
In White, Fast Black, and Bright Colors


Found in "Gleanings From Popular Authors" published by Cassell, circa 1880.

*Not that I should have to say it, but: The views offered by this 120 year-old advertising card do not reflect those of this author.


"Souvenir" card, printed on thick stock paper listing the pupils of Head School, District Number 38, Adams Township, Nemeha County, Kansas for the Winter term of 1898-1899.
Two 5 inch by 3 inch cards bound with decorative twine.

Found in "Women in Love" by D.H. Lawrence, published by The Modern Library, 1950.

Can't Hardly Talk

Note written on a folded piece of seven inch by nine inch paper.

April 10 1906
Dear Mother Conklin,
I rec. the dress all right Saturday and have the skirt all finished it looks nice.
How are you now I was afraid you were sick I didn't (??) hear from you. I don't feel very good my self.
Lerrie (?) keeps well, all the children down to Fred's are half sick with colds Grace can't hardly talk. She seemes to get things much harder than the rest.
It keeps so cold I will be glade when warm wether comes.
Well good bye for now love from both to all
Found in "The Practical Home Physician" by Henry M Lyman, Christian Fenger, H. Webster Jones and W.T. Belfield. Published by Star Publishing Co, Chicago, 1891.

What Do You Think of War?

Postcard. Front is a photograph of Billy Sunday's Tabernacle in Scranton, PA.
On reverse:
17999 ??????
R??? Gift was
22388 ??????
not bad.
My Dear Cousins,
letters received will answer soon. trust you are OK ??? holding my mail seems like spring to day soon flowers are in bloom what do you think of war. love and best wishes, Lucy

Mrs. Arthur Hill
Mt. Upton

Postmarked Apr 26 12-PM 1914

Found in "The London Perambulator
by James Bone, published by Alfred A. Knopf, 1925

Too Soon?

It must be Friday the 13th.
This is a... well, it's a big felt illustration of the bloody Croc Hunter.
It reminds me of those felty iron-on patches you got in the 25 cent machines in the 80s. Honestly, I have no idea. It's six inches by nine inches.

If this forgotten bookmark wasn't strange enough for you, it was found in "The Outhouse Revisited" by Don Harron, published by Firefly Books, 1996.

Happy Friday the 13th! Don't break any mirrors!

President's Day

Newspaper clipping cut-out of Abraham Lincoln's head, not to mention that dashing haircut. Why hide those locks under that hat, Abe?
Measures two inches by one inch.

Found in "McGuffey's First Eclectic Reader: Revised Edition" Reprinted by Van Nostrand circa 2002 or so.

Baby Alert!

Baby picture, two inches by three inches.

Found in "Recollections of Mt. Vision" by Charlie Hoose, printed by EDOR Printers, 1992.

Hold My Bones

Color photo, three inches by five inches.

Found in "Bones to Ashes" by Kathy Reichs, published by Scribner, 2007.

May Have Wrong Info

Social interaction gives
professional connections
Giving up something I
enjoy will work only
if its my idea.

I will get a chance
to change my mind
Be strong don't rush to

May have wrong info
check again

talk with people who
should be more enthusiastic
Emotional connections is all

Even if I do nothing it works
straight truth this pm, out

Dolores Neu Newman --> Newman
Sues? ????? lives at Angel Heighthes Heights

Found in "Nana" by Emile Zola, published by

Best Lighted Store In Town

Old ad flyer, or perhaps a part of a shopping bag. The paper is very light, like wrapping paper.

Best Lighted Store in Town
Ladies' Furnishings
We Carry a Full Line of
Belts, Neckwear, Hosiery, Underwear,
Side and Back Combs, Percales, Prints, Denims,
French Flannels, Outing Cloth, Etc., Etc.,
Carle & Jones
Next door to our Crockery Store

Found in "Sculpture: Inside and Out" by Malvina Hoffman, published by Bonanza Books, 1939

This Little Gift

Note on a scrap of paper.
Dear Bea,
I am sending you this little gift and my best wishes for a m very Merry Christmas and a Bright Prosperous New Year.
Kindly present your father & Bern with these handkerchiefs with my Greetings.
Your Loving Cousin Francis
Found in "Expert Fox Trapping" by E.J. Dailey. Self published, no date.

The Examiner

Receipt for one year's subscription to "The Examiner" for Mrs. E.A. Conklin of Peekskill, NY. Dated August 30th, 1902 for the amount of $2.00.
On the other side are two leaves pinned to the paper, with a note:
From the Wreath on Orville's Casket November 19: 1906
Also written:
The Efficiency of Christ's power commonly depends on the faith of those to be benefitted
????? Quarterly
Feb 8 1904 5:35 AM
Found in "The Holy Bible" published and sold by Daniel Smith, 1823.

A reminder

All the photos on the site can be clicked to view full size. I realize that many of the letters and writing can be hard to read in the smaller format, so I'm always sure to include the gigantic version as well. You can also browse through all the forgotten bookmarks in image version here.

Just Wondering

Greeting card, seven inches by five inches.

Written inside:
Tuesday March 7, 06
I know what you've been up to and I'm proud of you. You're learning that a woman doesn't need a man to have a full life. Besides, you've got mopsy, and she loves you more than any man would. Animals are definitely therapeutic.
Tomorrow we go to Alabama for two weeks. Plan to see some of the sights, attend 2 car shows. We were in Alabama about 4 years ago. Pretty state, especially in the rural areas.
Last week-end we were in Eustis, Florida at an antique motorcycle show. Some of the older motorcycles, especially the Harley's & Indian's, are worth mega bucks.
Never saw so many people in wheelchairs, or walking with canes or crutches. Riding bikes can be a dangerous hobby. Not much between you & the road.
Had to get this card. The resemblance to Mopsy is strking.
Love you,
Grandma & Grandpa

Found in "The Plains of Passage" by Jean M. Auel, published by Crown, 1990.

ED: Is it just me, or were you surprised that this was from the grandparents? It wasn't just the motorcycles and car shows, it was the handwriting, I think. And the tone. I thought it was from a friend of a similar age.