The Ferocious Concierge

Postcard, dated February 7, 1990:

Dear Jeanne -

Thanks for your thoughts about lunch/tea. (I went to dinner again at Pond House on Lattingtown Rd. last Fri. night but drove alone Dosoris Lane far too late for tea). The invitation to come and sip in your handsome house is alluring; I'll be sure to propose a date before too long. (This weekend I'm in Atlanta and environs). I'm not likely to have a residence of any length in London this year but I've mentioned Mr. Blewett's flat and others. Sounds attractive. I presume the ferocious "Concierge" does not come with it.

Love, Bill

Found in "Our House in the Last World" by Oscar Hijuelos. Published by Persea Books, 1991.

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