How To Save A Life

Here's a copy of "The Diseases of Live Stock and Their Most Efficient Remedies: A Popular Guide for the Medical and Surgical Treatment of all Domestic Animals" by William Miller and Lloyd V. Tellor from 1890. As you can see, it was filled with various clippings and notes:

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  1. Usually I love the bookmarks out of the context of the book but these are ones that lend a special poignancy to being contained in the book. This must have been a very important book to someone at some time. Their whole income hinged on this.

  2. I so love that you have found an audience for this wonderful idea. As a librarian in a grade school I too see many an interesting bookmark, far better than the folded page that used to be so common. My personal favorite: old plane tickets but I'm open to anything that fits between the pages. And I leave them in when I'm finished, just to find again someday.