I'm not really sure what to make of today's bookmark. It's a disbound portion of an unknown German language book, no mention of the publisher or date. There is this note written in pen:

Made and printed at Ephrata Monastery just before the Battle of Brandywine. Most of the edition was use for gun wad at Brandywine
Given to Chas. L. Hamilton and Kay Phillips, 1900 September while at monastery.  

I've supplied some links to information on Brandywine and Ephrata. A fascinating bit of history if authentic.

Found in "The Agrarian Crusade" by Solon Buck. Published by Yale University Press, 1920.

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  1. It's a hymnal, I think.

    The part beginning "wer Ihn nur liebt und fürcht der gehet nicht verlohren, der Bund fällt niemals hin" from page 177 shows up in this hymnal from 1723 on page 162:

    According to Wikipedia, the Ephrata community's hymnals only had words, no musical notation.

    The line quoted above translates to something like "He who only loves and fears Him [God] will not be lost, the tie is never broken."

  2. Whether true or not, it's extremely interesting. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. I can imagine some harried doctoral student pouring over her research- "whoo... finally finished", she says to herself as she slips a paper into a book and closes it for the evening... the next day- notes and books and pads of endless scribblings packed away... the lone German page forgotten...