The Line Starts Here

Large 8" x 10" photograph, no writing or dates to be found.  I missed the "APRIL 1970" at the top.

Could be a press photograph?

Found in "The Practical Book of American Silver" by Edward Wenham. Published by Lippincott, 1949.

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  1. Whoa - I was born in April, 1970....

  2. Could it be a government food giveaway? I saw the USDA on a lot of the boxes.

  3. Could be from a COOP. The boxs of food remind me of what my mom use to get at the local COOP back in the day

  4. I love your site! I am someone who read books by the dozen and wrote letters when i was a kid.. i'm 24 now and your site made me feel things i havent felt in a long time..the love for books..the love for tiny seemingly unimportant memories...i have started reading and writing again..thank you..