Miss Larson

Inscription, I believe it's from a teacher to one of her students:

June 1936

To Julia -

May you always win friends with your great brown eyes and may your curiosity never dull or get the better of you.

With love and best wishes for all possible success.

Miss Larson

The inscription was in a terribly worn copy of "The Story of Delicia" by Gertude Newman. Published by Rand McNally, 1935.

In other news, "Handwritten Recipes" is on sale today!

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  1. From the year my dad was born. What a delightfully sweet sentiment.

  2. Wow. If a teacher gave a student a gift AND put a note like that in it nowadays, that teacher would be in court in roughly a week. My, my, my, how things have changed! (And not really for the better.)

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  4. Lovely note. Also the year my dad was born. Unless it was '35--I can never remember! What I noticed immediately is that Miss Larson's handwriting looks exactly like my mother's. I know people often lament the days when children were taught precise penmanship (necessary then in a way it never was after the invention of the ballpoint in 1935)...but I find it disconcerting to be unable to distinguish different
    people's handwriting without