Warm Stories

Small card with handwritten note. Front of the card is "Hand and Acorn" by Michael McCurdy.

29 March 99


Dear Peg

Enclosed is the "China tape" you made for Chloe - as well as a blank tape I had on hand (for your own use!) - (sorry, it's a 90-minute instead of a 60). We really enjoyed the music (esp. Ma's work on side 2!) and the stories, as I'm sure Chloe did! I can see now why your music appreciation courses and slide shows are so popular. You have a real gift for pacing and content - and a perfect combination of music and words; of weaving solid facts with "warm stories" and emotion. I know that it takes time and planning to put together such an enjoyable program! Thanks so much for sharing it with us,

* and your beautiful recorder piece!

Rena and Gus
Found in "The Bullfighter Checks Her Makeup" by Susan Orlean. Published by Random House, 2001. 

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