Note, one side typed, the other written:


Hello dear father,

Wie gehts, wie stehts?

I hope you didn't go out and buy this somewhere.

Things are so-so here, but will be excellent as soon as Britten moves. The questions is, when????????

I don't think she's being realistic about it; she wants the impossible in an apartment, etc. and as soon as she realizes what the real estate situation here is (terrible), the better it will be.

Will write you & mom long letter soon explaining all --->

Hope your tooth gives you no trouble and that you're fine.

Got check from Merrill Lynch dor $1,945, which is perfect. Thanks to you and Chrysler, which for your sake I hope soars upward.

Love to mother and you,

- 27 today; I sold at 28 3/8

Found in "Einstein: His Life and Times" by Phillipp Frank. Published by Alfred A. Knopf, 1970.

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