Symbol of Free Enterprise

I just loved the language and style in this inscription, had to share it:

To Connie Smith -

In the hope that you lend your books after you read them.
May your store always be the fine-looking symbol of free enterprise that it was when I saw it.

John Patric

July 23 1946

Patric is the author of the book the inscription is found in, "Yankee Hobo in the Orient." It was published by the author through Frying Pan Creek, 1946 (or thereabouts).

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  1. What gorgeous penmenship! Lovely find.

  2. It is too bad our children don't learn penmanship anymore! How beautiful.

  3. As a lifelong lettering addict, I could not help but be instantly drawn to the equisite thicks and thins of this period fountain pen script.

  4. Now that's a great signing of a book! Very neat.

  5. I agree the hand is wonderful, but I doubt he would have gotten good penmanship grades for it in 1946. Disconnected letters, uneven cant, same letters formed differently (cf. the lower-case "e" in "hope" or "lend" vs. those in "free?). If had had a penmanship teacher, that teacher lamented his handwriting. We love it because lettering with a fountain pen is so different from lettering with ball points. It instantly elevates even an average hand.