Postcard, stamped November 23th, 1945, Louisville Kentucky. Front illustration depicts the Pioneer Cemetery in Harrodsburg, Kentucky and the grave of "the first white child buried in Kentucky."


This we believe is the most unique graveyard we've yet seen, and we managed to get some swell shots of the whole place.

Love, M + U

Found in "The Web of Evil" by Lucille Emerick. Published by Doubleday, 1948.

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  1. "the grave of 'the first white child buried in Kentucky.'"


  2. Why do I get the feeling that there is no marker for "the first non-white child buried in Kentucky"?

  3. I just discovered your blog recently, and I must say that I am enjoying it very much. I love books, and I love the unique things associated with books. Amazingly, sometimes I pick up one of my own books and find something in it that I have used as a bookmark and forgotten about...a note from my son as a child was one of the best surprises!

  4. I agree with snippa -- creepy postcard! The book itself looks rather creepy as well, despite proclaiming to be about love.

  5. Now, THAT is a cool find!

    (I'm a cemetery photographer. I love stuff like this!)

  6. Oh my. The Web of Evil looks like quite the penny dreadful. A good place to keep a post card of a graveyard