Appropriate Measurements

To-do list:

Geoff To Do List:

1. Call Jen and ask
  • what type of heat? electric or gas?
  • washer & dryer?
  • dishwasher?

2. Finish Campus Heights Apt. application AND return

3. Transfer $10.00 from savings to checking

3. Pick out tuxedos (call Matt for appropriate measurements)

4. Pay Verizon bill DUE MON 1/14

Found in "What to Expect When You're Expecting" by Arlene Eisenberg. Published by Workman, 1991.

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  1. So this list was written by the expectant mom for the expectant dad to do? Very interesting. Seems like they're moving to a new apartment, going to college, and getting married. I wonder how they're doing today?