Chicago In Love

Photo of Chicago skyline from across Lake Michigan.
At least that's what I think. I took a look on Google Maps to see where this picture might have been taken, but couldn't really find anything that fit the bill.

Readers? Any ideas?

UPDATE: Thanks to Tori, we may have found our spot. Here's the pic from Google Maps:

Found in "Women in Love" by D.H. Lawrence. Published by Modern Library, 1950

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  1. Yep.... The tallest building you see is the Sears tower.

  2. It looks to me like Chicago Harbor probably taken from the land that jets out where Adler Planetarium and Shedd's Auqarium stand (looking northwest towards the city). I've taken pictures there myself...

  3. And that tall building is probably the Hancock building (often mistaken for the Sears tower). Just my opinion :)

  4. Tori, I think you've got it. Check out google maps:

  5. It got me to reading...says that in the late 60's the Hancock building was the tallest building in the world (Sear's tower was finished in 1974) so maybe this was taken would have been quite the sight to see and to take pictures of. :)

  6. I agree it's likely the Hancock, not the Sears Tower, among other things, because of its location closer to the lake shore, and because of its shape.
    Yes, I think you have the site where the photographer must have been standing just about right.