Can You Do This?

Postcard, postmarked Brooklyn NY, September 24, 1907.

Printed on front:

Training the baby elephant: Central Park, New York

Hand written on front:

Letter expected by return mail.

Can you do this? I mean put your trunk on your head



Miss Lucy Ebe
98 Lark St
Albany NY

Found in "Kid Wolf of Texas" by Ward M. Streeter. Published by Chelsea House, 1930.

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  1. Nice bookmark! And the book looks neat too. I would love to buy the postcard from you for my collection. I was a docent at the Bronx Zoo for ten years and many of us collected old photos from the New York City zoos. You should see the great one I have of a walrus on his hind flippers looking over a wall.

  2. Only if Kid Wolf is loose in the corral!