One small portion of a letter, dated 1904:

Walter L. Bevins, President
Charles A. Learned, 1st VP
Phineas T. Ives, 2nd VP
F.L. Burleigh, Rec. Sec.
William M. Quested, Treas'r
E.K. Allen, General Secretary

2, 1904

Religious Work
den some Sunday
o'clock. We
. Beach has
u had found this
ers a month
you direct

Found in "Counterpoint Applied in the Invention, Fugue, Canon and other Polyphonic Forms" by Percy Goetschius. Published by Shirmer, 1902. Reprinted 1930.

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  1. Judging from what can be gathered from pages 68–70 of Part II of "An historic record and pictorial description of the town of Meriden, Connecticut", it looks like this was written on the stationery of the Meriden YMCA.

    (Go to this URL
    and enter "Christian Association" in the search box.)

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