Wrong Turn in Tanganyika


Map on Tanganyika. Looks hand-drawn, or at least a copy of a hand-drawn map.

Found in "Landscape Gardening in Japan" by Josiah Conder. Published by Dover, 1964.

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  1. LOL - We have a Tanganyika Wildlife Park here outside of Wichita KS.

  2. The "wrong turn" comment is hilarious :-)

  3. Beautiful map! And it would be fun to see a merging of the African savannah and a Japanese garden...

  4. I grew up in Kenya--it seems to me that perhaps you found a map drawn by someone who was on safari; they clearly marked where they saw each animal, which seems like a likely exercise for someone on holiday or even hunting.

    What lovely fun. I wish I knew the date of the map. . .did it look rather old? Or was it a reproduction?