Star Spangled

Not sure what to make of all this. Found these two sheets of paper, the first page has a list of names, some crossed out in red pencil, some checked off. At the top is a bold red "Bad."

The rest of the text is a typed copy of "The Star Spangled Banner," with some handwritten lines added at the end.

Found in an awful copy of "Building and Ruling The Republic" by James Boyd. Published by Bradley / Garretson, 1884.

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  1. Great, you stumbled upon a hit list. Make sure my name's not on it, okay? Kidding, I just couldn't resist.

    Yet another awesome find.

  2. Maybe it's a list if the teacher assigned the student as a "name-taker" while she was busy. I remember in second grade, I wrote half the class down on the bad list for talking, and some probably had 50 checkmarks beside their names. LOL That's what the list looks like to me. Very interesting!

  3. How interesting! You must have the best job in the world. I'd _LOVE_ to work at a rare bookstore.

    Why is the star-spangled one all spaced out? It has an eerie feel to it. Typewriter job methinks?

  4. O, man, I vaguely remember the killer elementary/jr. high school days when I made lists like this with friends with checks and comments. It was absolutely awful when the list got in the wrong hands! Was that a "GRRRR"--growl--I detected next to the name at the bottom? Why are kids so cut-throat, I wonder?

    Mary, your explanation sounds very possible, too. What a thrill to be the monitor!

  5. I think the "GRRR" is actually a "Gerr", as in "Gerry" or similar.

    I wonder if those are the people who are bad singers? Bad enunciators? :^)

    And I wonder if the handwritten versions were the source for the typed one? All 4 verses are in each. Fascinating find!