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Susan from sent this bookmark along.

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Here's are a couple of forgotten bookmarks found in a copy of Time is an Illusion by Chris Griscom, copyright 1986, signed "great love, Chris". Artwork on the actual bookmark is by Philip Kirkland. The back states:

Controversial Bookstore

Secret Teachings
Wellness - Music
Spiritual Paths
Tarot Cards
Crystals & Magic

Phone or Mail
Orders Welcome

3021 University
San Diego, CA

(619) 296-1560

The forgotten bookmark is a Mr.Settoni's coat ticket from The Highlander International Men's Fashions, University Towne Center.

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  1. I had to check the address on Google Maps because I live only a few blocks from University Avenue, and I found that the building that once housed the "Controversial Bookstore" is now empty. The Highlander clothing store still exists, but in La Mesa now instead of UTC/La Jolla.

  2. The pictures don't appear to be working right now. I'll come back and check again later.

  3. Okay, I was totally wrong about the Controversial Bookstore being empty now--it's totally still there. ("Since 1963") Every time I've driven by it recently (I live in the neighborhood now) I've thought I should come back and comment on it here. :)