Fun In Bed

Letter on Nassau Hospital paper:

104 Mineola Boulevard
Mineola NY
February 28 / 33

Dear Babe,

Thought I was going to get into the city last week and discuss operations with you but looks like I didn't. Am working now but don't think it will last long.

Have you set a date for your party and where is it "gonna" be? Helen said you were thinking of Fifth Ave. Hospital which is a pretty nice place. Class ---
Polyclinic is also a good hospital although I don't remember ever being in there.

Do let me know the date you are planning so that I can also plan to be on hand - not that I'm such a hot nurse but maybe a familiar face and a whiskey tenor (?) will help smooth over the first few days. Don't worry about it - remember surgery is just like dressmaking - a clip here and a stitch there and only a dumb amateur could put a sleeve in a neck (I'm thinking of my early days of summer organdy (??)

Write soon

Love, Florence

Found in "Fun In Bed: The Convalescent's Handbook" edited by Frank Scully. Published by Simon and Schuster, 1933.

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  1. Funny cover illustration!

    And yep, "organdy" is a kind of fabric (a very sheer cotton fabric).

  2. I am in love with everything about this, especially Florence.

  3. Same here, Lisa. The tone of the letter seems very JD Salinger to me.

    What kind of party was it?

    What was wrong the person who received the letter?

    Many questions.

  4. Oh, this is my favorite so far!

  5. That's just wild...a party in a hospital! I enlarged the original letter and read it, not realizing you'd transcribed. Neat letter and book and all. Sounds like somebody was planning to have fun during those dark days of the Depression.

  6. well I am so glad I stumbled across your blog! I had a used bookstore, and I also collected the things I found inside the books that people dropped off. Nothing too interesting, though.

    The reason that THIS particular post caught my eye is because I was BORN at Nassau Hospital! I come from Long Island. It is not Nassau anymore... it is now called Winthrop, but it WAS Nassau when I was born there!

    Great blog... I love it! I am now following!

  7. The "party" is joking code for the impending hospitalized surgery of the recipient.

    Best to all,