Friday Mashup

I asked our fans on Facebook what they wanted to see today.

Not surprisingly, I got many different answers.

To appease the people, I bring you the first Friday Mashup: Lots of forgotten bookmarks, no explanations, no companion books.

-Click to enlarge photos-


  1. Very Cool. Thanks for all the work.

    Take Care

  2. And all marvelous! I wonder what was special about Life cereal?

  3. I have long since enjoyed viewing your succession of posts as a collection of a separate but collective body of ephemera. As a student studying libraries, with particular emphasis on archiving and preservation, I often ponder what happens to the ephemera and its housing bodies (books) once they enter your store or are presented on this blog? If, or when you sell these items, does the enclosed ephemera continue along its previous path hidden as "forgotten bookmarks?"

    Love the site!

    Belinda the bibliophile

  4. Ah, the good old country correspondence from a community newspaper! There are still papers in many small towns that do this today. This one was quite interesting -- and convinced me not to patronize Powell's Store!

  5. Fairies - it's the cereal... OF LIFE!

  6. Belinda -

    Anything that is posted here on the site is saved. I have a big plastic archival box where I store all the stuff, including a few photo albums.

    The books that go with them are usually priced and put up for sale. I'm sure I miss tons of items, however... and I've only been collecting these since 2004 or so.

    I've been in the family book biz since I was 8 or 9, so about 20 years now, and I've always been fascinated by this stuff. I really love working on this blog, and am ecstatic that people enjoy these items as much as I do.

  7. That's great, seeing them altogether like that.

  8. With all those illnesses, "prosperous Old Delaware" doesn't seem so prosperous to me!

    And to have novels of fine distinction in exquisite bindings for only $1 - my copy of Passage to India certainly cost more than that, and it was in a mere paperback binding.

  9. Interesting that you have a 'Magic Pudding' bookmark featuring the characters Snugglepie and Cuddlepot on the it. It's in the top lot. Circular with a red string.

    The Magic Pudding is a very famous Australian children's book. We all grow up with it as kids here in Oz. I wonder if it was in a book from Australia or the bookmark was a gift to someone who travelled here. Interesting nonetheless :)