Preparing For The Worst

Sandy is coming. I'm still not feeling well at all. I hope to be here in the shop tomorrow bringing you a smile, but I just don't know what the next few days will bring.

If you're in the path, please be careful. Use common sense. Help others if you're able.

Before I take off to batten hatches and divert auxiliary power to the shields, here's a bookmark from the archives:


Addressed to:
Barnabas Brown Esquire
Post Office New Berlin
County Chenango

N. York
Stamped: New York OCT ??
New York 20th Octo 1826
No. 416 Broome Street
direct to me at this house its near Broadway 1/2 a mile North of the City Hall

Dearly Beloved,
I have wrote this since I receivde thy letter of 25th March. I am in tolerable good Health for one that has ???? so many years towards the blessed end of all things here, I ???? tho approved towards eternal Rest with more pleasing comfort, that I ever didthe ?????? in part of any ????? I ever went, I have lived two years over the time Layd down in the Book for human life and I think th??? is very few that have past through so long a life with more peace of mind that I have done.
I have sold my farm at New Rochelle finding it too bothersome at this time of life to have such a charge ........???........ people about me, the crops in all this quarter is very good & fruit extra fine and it's a general time of health and a great plenty of the good things of this world at market. My love to wife and children

Will _____
Found in "The Works of P. Virgilius Maro" by Levi Hart and V.R. Osborn. Published by Joseph N. Lewis, Baltimore, 1833.

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