I must have been glimpsing the future as I typed up yesterday's post.

30 minutes after I published it, I was at the bookstore trying to mop up the nearly half inch of water that had flooded in with the evening's rainstorm. One of the downspouts was dislodged, allowing all the roof runoff into the building.

Not a book was lost (okay, a few romance paperbacks I had lying around) but the cardboard box containing all of the unpublished forgotten bookmarks was right in the middle of the lake. I'm still going through the damage, but so far it looks like a total loss.

Happily, Moon Shadow is here to save the day. They send along this find:

In today's mail was my book order for "Photoshop CS3: Photographer's Handbook". The attached two bookmarks were in it. The medical center map with all the circles and arrows and a second sheet with notes and figures.


Thanks Moon Shadow.
I will do my best to keep up with the updates.

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