Fun In Bed

Letter on Nassau Hospital paper:

104 Mineola Boulevard
Mineola NY
February 28 / 33

Dear Babe,

Thought I was going to get into the city last week and discuss operations with you but looks like I didn't. Am working now but don't think it will last long.

Have you set a date for your party and where is it "gonna" be? Helen said you were thinking of Fifth Ave. Hospital which is a pretty nice place. Class ---
Polyclinic is also a good hospital although I don't remember ever being in there.

Do let me know the date you are planning so that I can also plan to be on hand - not that I'm such a hot nurse but maybe a familiar face and a whiskey tenor (?) will help smooth over the first few days. Don't worry about it - remember surgery is just like dressmaking - a clip here and a stitch there and only a dumb amateur could put a sleeve in a neck (I'm thinking of my early days of summer organdy (??)

Write soon

Love, Florence

Found in "Fun In Bed: The Convalescent's Handbook" edited by Frank Scully. Published by Simon and Schuster, 1933.

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