The Singer's Apologie

Two pamphlets advertising the "singers of English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish Folk Songs," Dorothy, Rosalind and Cynthia Fuller. Based on the tour dates and contact inscription, the papers date from around 1917-1918.

Found in "Shakespeare's Love Story" by Ann Benneson McMahan. Published by A.C. McClurg, 1909.

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  1. How interesting, I always find it excitement plus finding decent items like the phamplets you found.

    Imagine keeping something all that time in a book.

    Did you read about the fellow that found over $20,000 hidden in the pages of a used book at a book swap, now that's a lot of forgotten bookmarks.

  2. "The Fuller family were from Sturminster Newton, Dorset England.
    The three sisters of the family, Dorothy, Rosalind and Cynthia, performed traditional
    English, Scottish and Irish folk songs in Victorian costume; their brother Walter acted as
    their manager. From 1913 to 1917 the sisters toured American towns and cities,
    especially in the Eastern and Midwestern United States."
    More here: