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Today's post comes from reader Chris, who was nice enough to share one of his other finds, "Christmas Cheer."

Here's what I found in my copy of 'The Study of Palmistry' by Comte C. de Saint-Germain (1935) -

The book came to me from my girl friend's mother's garage. No idea how it ended up in there. Here's what's interesting about this book:
The book was owned by one 'Theodore R. Rollins'. It signed his name and dated it in 1941 on the inside front cover.
On the inside cover there is a newspaper clipping regarding a French fortune teller La Voisin from the 1600's.
Mr. Rollins later wrote a dedication of the book to his grandchildren in 1967 when he passed the book on to them.
Pasted into the front of the book on the leading blank pages is the obiturary of Mme. Emma Calvé, dated 1942. (I like to assume that it was placed there by Mr. Rollins as it seems he owned the book in '42.) This is interesting as the book was originally dedicated to a Mademoiselle Emma Calvé. [I've included a copy of the photo of her which was printed opposite of the title page; obviously, the author was a fan, as the original photo was personalized to him by her.]

The inside front-cover has the following hand written text:
 "11/15/41 Theodore R. Rollins 731-21 St. N.E. Wash, D.C.
 [newspaper clipping on French fortune teller La Voisin ] 
To my Grandchildren Charlie Man or Terry Lee April 12, 1967 
From Grand Daddy Theodore R. Rollins 
Try to master this out as your grandfather did. Learn to read your palm and other peoples palms as your grandfather did. 
with Love + Faith in God Granddaddy"
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  1. That is extremely cool! That book must have quite a story behind it!

  2. "A M. le Comte de St. Germain le grand Chiromancien qui a su me dire des choses si vraies! Emma Calvé 1897" = "To Messer le Comte de St. Germain, the great palm reader, who had such true things to say about me! Emma Calvé 1897"
    Very interesting to be able to trace the history of this book.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. That's so interesting, history found in that book.
    Nice book!