Looking For A Good Time

Letter, dated April 18, 1934 from the Skip, Step and Happiana radio show of WGY, Schenectady.

Dear Buddy,

Your letter to WGY was turned over to us. In reply will say our proposition is as follows. You furnish the hall.

We furnish you with and pay for ten days radio announcements over the air. We furnish you with window cards, handbills and even your tickets. We furnish transportation for six and pay all of our own expenses. We present one hour and half show both afternoon and evening.

We like to run matinees for school children and those people who can not come in the evening. The matinee prices are 15 cents for children and 25 cents for adults. The evening prices would be 25 cents for children and the adult price would have to be determined according to the seating capacity of your auditorium. Under 500 seats, 40 cents, above 500, 35 cents.

Should you care to run a dance in conjunction with the evening show the price is 50 cents under 500 people and 40 cents over 500. You furnish the orchestra.

You take 25% of the gross receipts including both matinee and evening shows. If you have $50 advance sale, you take 40%; if you sell $100 worth of tickets in advance you take 40% providing you have a dance. Without the dance you take 35%. We know what our drawing power is.

Be very glad to give you a date the third week in May. Would like to hear from you immediately.

Sincerely yours,


Skip, Step and Happiana

Found in "Jimmy Dale and the Phantom Clue" by Frank L. Packard. Published by Novel Selections, Inc., copyright of 1922, but I believe this was printed later.

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