Contents Unknown

Unopened envelope, it looks like there's a card in there. No writing, no stamps, no postmarks.

Found in "The Official Alaska Cook Book - A Collector's Edition" by Sue Phelps. Published by Southeast Alaska Empire, 1969.

So, should I open it? Technically, it's not mail.

EDIT: I opened it. Here's what I found:

A thank-you card, looks like it was handmade as the illustrations are unevenly cut and pasted down.

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  1. I think you should open it. And please share what you find inside. You may even find a clue as to who it belonged to.

  2. Oh my goodness, yes! This is so interesting!

  3. It probably was opened at one time but was put into the book and being squeezed between the pages for so long it stuck back together. So technically you're just opening a stuck envelope so go ahead as it has already been opened. Pam

  4. I love that you opened it. I'd love to see that Alaska Cookbook too!

  5. Glad you opened it! You would've looked in the envelope had it already been slit, and it's not like you took it out of their mailbox.
    I'm reading your book and am delighted with all the buried treasures.

    Wish I was a dealer, but am only a small-time, low-cost collector. However, in two of the copies from a complete set of the Jalna novels, I found letters from the author to the books' former owner. That's been my best find.

    And looking through one of my old books the other day, I found a re-imbursement check for about $6. It expired in the 80s.