He Who Controls The Spice: A Tale of 2 Kitchens Edition

In the last few weeks, our sister site Handwritten Recipes has gotten some good press and great traffic, and I've been lucky enough to meet a bunch of adventurous cooks willing to give some of those recipes a go.

Today's recipe tryout comes courtesy of  Hillary and Amy of A Tale of 2 Kitchens. They selected a recipe I posted a while back for pasta with artichokes, found in a copy of "Dune: Messiah." Here's what they came up with:

The recipe came out quite well!  The capers add a salty kick while the sour cream and half and half really round out the sauce - giving it a silky texture.  We used fresh herbs (basil, oregano, and Italian flat leaf parsley) because it's summer and they're abundant!  They also give great, fresh flavor.  I would definately make this recipe again, who doesn't love a good, simple pasta recipe?  I'd probably add even more artichokes then it calls for the second time around... and cheese!

Great, now I'm starving.

Thanks again to Hillary and Amy of A Tale of 2 Kitchens.

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  1. Wow, they definitely know a lot about cooking - that looks great!

  2. This sounds delicious... and perfect for using some of the herbs in the garden. Thank you!